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Set into motion by NYU-trained performer, acclaimed theatrical instructor, and professional public speaking coach, Fia Fasbinder, The Moxie Institute provides executives and professionals with the highest level speaker training to command any stage with confidence and clarity.
Public speaking opportunities arise constantly. Whether in large auditoriums, small boardrooms or 1:1 interviews, top performers are expected to share insight into their process, ideas and success. Yet many of these successful and dynamic leaders feel unprepared or underwhelmed with their own speaking abilities. Even on ‘the big red stage’, presenters without professional TED Talk coaching struggle to clearly communicate dense information to audiences or present in a persuasive and memorable fashion.


The art of onstage performance is a learned skill, and the diverse Moxie Institute team helps speakers in need of a strong foundation, a few finishing touches, or something in between. Founder Fia Fasbinder’s unique blend of on-stage and classroom experience enables the Moxie Institute to effectively teach businesspeople to tell stories in their own voices and make information memorable. A great story pulls everything together, and we teach burgeoning leaders to bring data to life through effective storytelling and delivery.

Comprised of award-winning actors, writers, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs, we develop personalized plans to catapult any speaker from boring to bravo.

Our Values

Above all else, we honor our clients and customers collectively referred to as our tribe. For without you, there would be no us. We are fiercely committed to elevating humanity through business.

Energize, Embrace and Inspire Our Audiences

Mundane has no place at MOXiE. We believe each communication opportunity is a relationship meant to last.

Moxify the world. Give People a Voice.

Every single person on this planet has a story worth sharing.

Personal Growth
and Learning

Never stop learning. Never stop improving.

Be Adventurous, Creative
and Open-Minded

Approach goals fearlessly. Take paths less trod. See each opportunity as something great.

Unleash inner

Turning skills into strengths, presence into power.

Create Transformational Learning Experiences

We’ll guide you down the path of improved performance.

Be Passionate, Determined and a Force of Good

From conscious capitalism to common courtesy.

Embrace a Kaizen Mindset and Skillset

From our clients to our company, we’re all about constant improvement.

Be Humble and Full
of Gratitude

Every moment. Every day. Everyone.

Command The Stage With The MOXiE Method

Benefit from the training of actors, key performing arts skills, and innovations in neuroscience to deliver an engaging and powerful talk. You’ll work with a dedicated public speaking coach to master our proven methodology and connect with your audience, convey a message with clarity and conviction, and step on stage with confidence.

Let The MOXiE Institute set the stage for your next big success.

M: Move your Mouth

O: Oxygenate

X: Excite Your Audience

I: It Factor

E: Enjoy the Experience

“Thank you for a great day, Fia! The team was really energized and excited to use their new found public speaking tools and tactics. We’re grateful for your insight about performance anxiety and for teaching us that we’re not the “only ones” who get stage fright.”

Stephen Bruno, Vice President of
Global Creative Marketing, Netflix

“Another successful Speaker Training with your participation! Once again you wowed the group! Many thanks!”

Dr. Brian Rosenblatt
Optometric Physician at Rosenblatt Family Eye Care Associates

“I am so thankful for your help. I have received so many compliments on my speech, it felt unbelievable! This would not be possible without your amazing coaching! One of my mentors actually tweeted my presentation! What a huge compliment! Because of you, I now look at speeches in completely new ways. I look for ideas. I search for what perception has been changed after the speech. I notice the storytelling techniques. I even watch great speeches being delivered and, most times, I wish the speakers could have taken your course! This has been one of the best courses I have taken. I look forward to collaborating with you again. Working with you has been a transformative experience.”

Amy Yang, General Manager
at Coca Cola

“I highly recommend Fia Fasbinder and the work she does. The City re-introduced management academies so as to better prepare tomorrow’s leaders of our organization and Fia’s skills are part of our program. Without question, her assistance on presentation skills is a MUST HAVE.”

Scott Chadwick, Chief Operating Officer
at City of San Diego

“Senior level network engineers and their leaders had a blast during Fia’s Presentation Skills Workshop. They practiced things often forgotten in the age of presentations driven by PowerPoint. They learned the art of preparation and relaxation, vocalizing from the diaphragm, and effective articulation. They learned and laughed at the same time. I too was preparing for a public speech in front of a large audience, and Fia’s workshop was most timely. I utilized all the skills practiced during the presentation and knocked it out of the park!”

Carol Stone, Sr. Leadership Development Consultant
at T-Mobile

“Fia is an outstanding speaker coach. She worked with me on my recent TEDx talk, and I learned a huge amount. I have given hundreds of presentations in both academic and business venues, and was surprised at how much more there was to learn. She gave me a new understanding of how to engage the audience even more. Fia is also a joy to work with. She is friendly and supportive, and always put me right at ease. I can’t say enough.”

Marian Bartlett, Research Scientist
at Apple

“The speech went fantastic! Deloitte was happy, and I had several people come talk to me afterward about how much they connected to it. I truly appreciate all of your creativity and quick thinking. It was a pleasure to work with you all!”

Gretchen Bladek,
Google Fiber, Curriculum

“Moxie, you’re amazing and we are so thankful for your team’s time and talent helping us prepare. Our speakers are so prepared, poised and polished for our conference…and we are so thankful. In fact, our CMO’s sessions are so AMAZING that his sessions are literally overflowing with people sitting in the aisle! Thanks to your coaching. We can’t thank you enough!”

Elyssa Lamoureux
Vice President Advisor Experience, Cetera Financial Group, Inc.

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