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About Ahmed

Ahmed Moxie

As our Business Operations Lead, Ahmed is essential to the development and improvement of Moxie’s internal processes. His exceptional talent and broad knowledge ensure he can create and elevate anything our team needs to help us further serve our clients. Developing a first-class Analytics Dashboard? Done. Maintaining our CRM and other communications? Done. Streamlining our social media and assisting both marketing and sales? He’s who we turn to. Ahmed not only brings relentless passion and dedication, but his great sense of humor and phenomenal attitude makes him an invaluable member of the Moxie team.

Originally from Bangladesh, Ahmed earned his degree in Business Management from Kingston University in London before setting out on a number of ventures that would lead to his current exceptional skill set. From business development projects, SEO, web research and analysis, to telemarketing, social media management, and e-commerce, his commitment to excellence and learning new skills shows just how much Moxie one man can have. When he’s not making all of our lives easier, he’s spending time with family, traveling to exciting places, and is out in the world being an all-around great human.

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