Richard is a full-time copywriter that has 12 years of experience as a public speaker, mingled with patchwork pursuits of ghostwriting, podcasting, and self-publishing. He believes that the right information combined with the right angle is the first spark for any personal transformation, so he advocates.….Read More


A lover of the arts, writer, and actor, Lynnette is a passionate professional who believes in living each day to the fullest and impacting each life she encounters. After years of corporate sales experience, Lynnette decided to pursue her dream of acting by obtaining her master’s degree in Performing Arts.….Read More


Spencer has been writing professionally since 2010. Obsessed with the power and psychology of words, he leverages creative writing techniques adopted from the world’s best authors and keynoters to craft engaging, personality-rich speeches… Read More

Jason Swadley Canon


Jason has seen good stories can make the world better. He comes from a long line of Baptist preachers who gave him a masterclass in storytelling whenever the church doors were open. He studied the classics as a master’s…Read More


Wendy brings over 20 years’ experience in the fitness film industry, having presented in
hundreds of fitness and educational videos in her career. She has a proven track record of successfully developing presenters for industry conference presentations, workshop facilitation…. Read More


Dawn is an award-winning speechwriter, speaker and communications director with 15 years experience supporting CEO’s, C-level executives, and Fortune 100 companies. Her San Diego-based firm provides speechwriting, thought leadership, and….Read More


Lawrence is an experienced, well-traveled communications professional who offers nearly a decade of experience with external messaging, community building, ghostwriting, and content management. His experience includes employment with nationally recog… Read More

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