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Richard is a full-time copywriter that has 12 years of experience as a public speaker, mingled with patchwork pursuits of ghostwriting, podcasting, and self-publishing. He believes that the right information combined with the right angle is the first spark for any personal transformation, so he advocates…Read More


Amye holds an MFA from Wilkes University and is the author and co-editor of three books. Following the release of her latest book, If I Don’t Make It, I Love You: Survivors in the Aftermath of School Shootings (2019), Amye traveled the country speaking about the effects… Read More


Jason is an accomplished Creative Director / Senior Art Director / Senior Presentation Designer with 25+ years of diverse design experience with global corporations and executives. He produces elegant and innovative executive presentations, corporate events…Read More

Jason Moxie Master Trainers


Jason has seen good stories can make the world better. He comes from a long line of Baptist preachers who gave him a masterclass in storytelling whenever the church doors were open. He studied the classics as a master’s…Read More


Malena hails from St. Louis, Missouri and learned at the knee how to write and orate speeches as the daughter of an African civil rights leader, and the granddaughter of an African-American lawyer and presidential advisor. Malena turned her passion for elocution… Read More


Bryan  is a communications expert with deep experience helping leaders inspire key audiences, driving understanding and action. His twenty-year corporate career at HP, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft included formal and informal speechwriting positions, including… Read More


Michael is a speechwriter and public speaker with over 20 years of experience in the corporate communications space. In addition to his speechwriting work, Michael provides executive coaching to a select group of visional leaders in the technology… Read More


Gregory was raised in Honolulu and educated in New York at Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. During a 25-year career as a national network TV journalist, he covered speeches of every description and on the trail of political campaigns, he heard… Read More



Spencer has been writing professionally since 2010. Obsessed with the power and psychology of words, he leverages creative writing techniques adopted from the world’s best authors and keynoters to craft engaging, personality-rich speeches… Read More


Keith’s writing expertise comes from a diverse background in print journalism, top-rated non-fiction television and advertising. His list of clients as a creative includes top companies like Procter & Gamble, MTV Networks, McDonalds and Frito-Lay to… Read More


Gary is a diverse writer with a background in public education, consulting and freelance journalism. To make his writing effective, he focuses on three fundamental aspects of communication: message, tone, and audience. His writing synthesizes the domains of… Read More


A Boston native, Robert joined Moxie as a speechwriter with a background in writing for the public, private and non-profit sectors. He dedicates himself to crafting content that elevates the speaker’s ideas through harnessing the best attributes of their voice, bonding them with… Read More


Matt is passionate about assisting others craft compelling communications that reach large and diverse audiences and provide tangible results. He has a background in journalism and teaching adult professionals in higher education… Read More


Meet Jason. He’s a sucker for a good story. His deep-in-the-bones belief in story’s transformative power sits at the bedrock of his success as a screenwriter, educator, speaker, and overall human being. With over two decades in the writing room and the… Read More


Michael is a creative problem-solver with more than twenty years of professional experience as a storyteller, brand consultant, direct response marketing manager, copywriter and script/speech writer for a wide variety of international… Read More

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