Lockheed Martin Case Study

Summary: Lockheed Martin wanted to engineer an event that would uplift employees, excite stakeholders, and be talked about with enthusiasm for years to come. The only problem was that while many of their scientists and engineers could design equipment that could survive in space, they were terrified when it came to communicating with an audience. Moxie Institutes phased approach to speaking and content creation resulted in confident speakers, enthusiastic attendees, and excitement for future events. Challenges:  A great number of exceptional minds are working at Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace and defense technology company. While these people are at the

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Herbalife Case Study

Summary: Herbalife’s large team of experienced speakers were in need of a unified approach to presenting and speaking that would turn audiences into fans. Moxie Institute’s customized approach not only built confidence and expanded skillsets but resulted in lines of fans after events. Challenges:  Herbalife is a company of speakers. Each year they host hundreds of conferences and speaking engagements but had never cultivated a unified voice or training program. With so many speakers and events all over the world, Herbalife was facing a myriad of advanced speaking challenges that varied from speaker to speaker.  They approached Moxie Institute for

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Cetera Financial Case Study

Summary: Cetera Financial’s annual conference was falling flat. After a customized program of in-person and virtual training sessions, Cetera’s experienced speakers not only gained eye-opening instruction and improved their performances, but received rave reviews from their audiences making for their best conference results to date. Challenges:  Cetera Financial hosts an annual conference attended by stakeholders, industry leaders, and company executives that they wanted to take to the next level. Although all of their speakers were experienced and had led keynotes and panel discussions before, Cetera felt their event and content delivery weren’t quite where they wanted them. It was time

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Bausch + Lomb – Key Opinion Leader Physician Training and Content Development

Situation: B&L partnered with Moxie Institute to design and develop a key opinion leader training with 100’s of physicians around the globe. Moxie Institute’s experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device market is extensive and includes sales, marketing, messaging, and government affairs. The goal was to drive peer-to-peer behavior change and execute professional development strategies leading to a competitive advantage. B&L and physicians were in need of a talk track and coaching to share a cohesive and clear message of why physicians should reconsider a new way of treating eye related diseases. Approach:  A team of Moxie experts and trainers

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Celgene – Facilitation skills for call center trainers

Situation: Celgene, a biopharma leader with global reach and scale employs more than 9,000 employees and hundreds of call center and field employees supporting thousands of calls per week from all over the world. With that many calls coming in from patients, physicians, and hospital employees, it’s vital that employees at every level receive best in class training and coaching.  Celgene needed to significantly improve their trainers facilitation skills in order to improve the learning transfer and efficacy of the training department.  Approach: Through a year-long coaching and training process, Moxie Institute implemented a rigorous assessment of the training department.

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Google – Fear of public speaking 

Situation:  Nina, a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Google headquarters was facing a growing fear of public speaking as she led trainings around the world. For her role at Google, Nina frequently presented to audiences including department heads and Senior Executives. Essentially every employee at Google must attend diversity training. While presenting sensitive topics that are included in diversity training, emotions tend to run high. On more than one occasion there were disruptions to Nina’s presentations and her confidence was plummeting.  Approach: Credentialed Moxie trainers used a variety of proven techniques to help Nina channel her fears and anxiety. The

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University of Oregon – University ambassador training

Situation: Like most institutions, the University of Oregon provides campus tours and introductory presentations to prospective students and parents led by student ambassadors and admission counselors. The Duck Preview is intended to help students and their family’s determine if U of O is a perfect fit.  After conducting stakeholder interviews and reviewing surveys of how the presentations were being received by guests, Moxie discovered that the scores were below average relative to the university’s expectations.  They were in need of a talk track and presentation training to share a confident, cohesive and clear message to potential students and their families.

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Lockheed Martin – Internal Conference and Event 

Situation:  A great number of exceptional minds are working at Lockheed Martin, a global aerospace and defense technology company. While these people are at the top of their game in their respective STEM areas of expertise, managing leaders found that they were unable to effectively present ideas in an engaging way to large groups. Lockheed approached Moxie to help management write, design, and deliver TED-like talks for a company wide conference. The conference theme, Transformational Leadership, highlighted senior employees who had spearheaded company wide initiatives that shaped the company and culture at Lockheed. The speakers were intimidated and thoroughly terrified

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TEDx – Head coaching team for San Diego TedX Talks

Situation:  Lex Gillette was introduced to Moxie Institute seeking writing, design, coaching, and training for a TedX Talk that he was going to deliver in San Diego, CA. Lex is a five-time Paralympic gold-medalist, Lex also happens to be blind. Being able to long jump while blind was of no concern to Lex, but presenting to an audience in a format that he was unfamiliar with was a more frightening prospect to him than flying through the air for 26 feet at a time with no idea of where he would land. Approach:  Lex didn’t have stage fright, he’d grown

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Netflix – Multiple Marketing Departments

Situation:  Netflix was referred to Moxie Institute seeking training, coaching, and consulting to upskill the entire marketing department in the areas of public speaking, presentation skills, executive presence, storytelling, and scriptwriting. The training included 1:1 coaching, team facilitation training, a storytelling workshop, and deliberate practice follow-up training. These teams were responsible for presenting to widely known directors and producers like Steven Spielberg and internal senior Netflix executives. They were struggling to achieve the impact clients and internal stakeholders expected from the most respected and largest media services provider and production company in the world. Communication and delivery skills varied widely

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Amy Yang – General Manager at Coca Cola

Situation:  Amy was introduced to Moxie Institute via a high-stakes presentation that she would be delivering to a large audience of C-level executives at an upcoming Proctor and Gamble conference. As a seasoned professional, she knew the stakes were high and was determined to improve her public speaking and executive presence. For Amy, not having English as her first language stirred up feelings of fear and anxiety that prevented her from showing up as her best self when presenting. Beyond the stage, an area of focus was to improve overall communication skills for greater authority and impact. Approach:  Moxie Institute

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