Katy is an Emmy winner and communication coach par excellence. Her first full-time, on-air job, was producing and hosting a coach’s show with legendary college basketball coach, Jerry Tarkanian. After covering all things sports in Fresno… Read More


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Our goal at Moxie is to empower individuals and teams to design and deliver presentations with confidence that improve careers, companies, and lives. We align you with a passionate and seasoned speaker coach who is committed to your success and achieving results. While our stature has a lot to do with our decades of experience and thousands of clients, we routinely hit major breakthroughs thanks to our personalized approach. No two sessions are the same, because no two clients are the same. Instead, we carefully craft each learning journey to amplify and illuminate your

strengths, overcome challenges, and capture the hearts and minds of your audience.Our proven training blends neuroscience, psychology, experiential learning, key performing arts techniques, and deliberate practice to help you communicate with authority and impact. Moxie training is as practical as it is transformational and your audience will feel the same. We’re fortunate to have worked with some of the biggest brands, influencers, we know we can help. Reach out to discover the power of presentation and performance.

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