Don’t give a speech; deliver a performance. You’re on!

Great speakers aren’t born- they’re trained.

The “it” factor has a name: MOXiE. Our proven MOXiE methodology elevates people at every level with a unique three-pillar approach.

  • Our performing arts and acting experience make us experts in directing and stage presence.
  • We apply the latest in neuroscience, adult-learning theory, and psychology to personalized development and team transformation.
  • Our decades of training expertise, speaker coaching, and corporate event services taught us all the tricks of the trade.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… and your audience will feel the same.

Most training companies can train you. Moxie Institute empowers you.

Superior Training

Communication Skills – Leadership Development – Presentation Skills Training

Transformative Experiences, Proven Breakthroughs

Training & Workshops

Unite. Galvanize your team, polish the rough edges and turn everyone on your team into a cleanup hitter. Exceptional results are never an accident.

Speaker & Event Management Services

Attract. When event speakers take the stage, your reputation takes it with them. We elevate conference speakers to the caliber your attendees demand.

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Speaker Coaching & Media Training

Elevate. Refine your stage and video presence and experience results that motivates, inspires and persuades.

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Speech Writing & Storytelling

Write. Rather, let MOXiE do it. We fine-tune presentations to stir feelings, inspire belief and motivate action. Simplify and soar.

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Slide & Visual Design

Inspire. Let our team of superb designers and storytellers weave color, symbolism, humor, and clarity into your presentation.

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Open Enrollment & Masterclass

Accelerate. Reach new public speaking and presentation skills breakthroughs with active workshops for rapid results. Virtual and in-person, beyond expectations.

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Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
Courses for Professional Excellence

Make Change Happen.


Virtual Training to Perfect the Art of Public Speaking

Working with a global team or seeking a virtual training solution? Moxie Institute has you covered with our in-person and virtual streaming workshops, coaching, and training.

Virtual Workshops

Our time-tested team training workshops are presented in-person or live stream from a studio atmosphere broadcast to your teams anywhere in the world. Our team of experts and technology wizards ensure every member of your team gets that in-person feeling to boost participation and engagement.

Virtual Speaker Coaching

Our seasoned coaches have years of experience in both in-person and virtual coaching and always provide personal attention whether on location or in a live virtual session. You can count on receiving proven techniques and personalized feedback to meet your speaking goals no matter where you are in the world.

Master Virtual Presentations

Engage like never before with the highest level media and livestream coaching for all video and on-camera scenarios. From interviews, sales meetings, and teleconferences to social media and YouTube, Moxie’s Emmy Award-winning coaches will help you and your teams refine your virtual presentations to inspire and connect with a global audience.

Command the stage

Presentation Training to Talk Like TED.

Dream of taking the stage to deliver a talk that motivates audiences and solidifies you as a thought leader? MOXiE makes it happen. Our speaker training and workshops illuminate the tactics of viral storytelling and elevate your keynotes to world-changing quality. They’re your ideas. MOXiE helps you unleash them.

Online Masterclass

Rocket fuel for your journey to masterful public speaking.

Join Moxie’s experts for six weeks of online breakthrough presentation skills training packed with the knowledge and strategies you need to crush your business presentations, present with purpose, speak with Moxie and turn speaking confidence into your competitive edge.


Have questions about our services or training? We can help.

Results Beyond The Words

Our communication skills training courses are uniquely designed to not just heighten your communication, but to use these skills to make conscious improvements and see results on the stage, in the office, and even at home.

See gains in your communication skills and everywhere you apply them.

Speak persuasively in everything from speeches to sales pitches.

Maintain control in high-stakes dialogues and keynotes.

Lead better, more organized meetings and presentations.

Improve cohesion and productivity across teams and departments.

Articulate your vision, ideas, and data in strategically engaging ways in the office and on the keynote stage.

Leverage Visual Design to create highly engaging PowerPoint slide decks.

Connect deeply with listeners and respond with empathy and understanding.

Listen effectively and interpret the difference between the words someone says and the real intentions behind them.

Refine your executive presence, your personal brand, and your professional image.