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The Best Presentation Skills Training in the World

As a distinctive characteristic of great leaders, presentation skills are the unspoken—or rather “well-spoken”— golden rule for those desiring to make an impact and influence their team, their company and their community. Presentation skills are the bedrock of all professions, at all levels—from VP of Sales to Sales Reps and CMOs to Marketing Execs. The ability to deliver presentations with authority, conviction and influence is a universal factor in guiding outcomes and influencing decision making. And yet, so many of us struggle to reach the fullness of our leadership potential due to frustrating stage fright also known as “glossophobia.” Chances are the promotion of your dreams, the position in that organization you’ve been dying to be a part of, that next step on the ladder of your career, all require you to leverage your public speaking and presentation skills.

And here at Moxie, we’re all about improving presentation skills and public speaking experiences that call others into action and generate results. That’s why we’re here—to help you, your team and your business achieve personal and professional mastery. Mastery of presentation, mastery of delivery, and mastery of engagement. This page is designed to help you develop your skill sets while our team is fiercely committed to help you excel in them.

FREE Resources

Our free resources include The Ultimate Public Speaking Guide, plus several eBooks including Speak with Moxie: The Art and Science of Powerful Presentations and How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking and countless of presentation skills trainings and services.

Benefits of improving Your Public Speaking Skills and Presentation Skills Training

Benefits for Individuals

  • Master the art of delivering powerful presentations with confidence
  • Achieve professional mastery while building influence and respect
  • Unleash ideas and learn the tactics of viral storytelling
  • Present with purpose and speak with clarity and conviction
  • Communicate a powerful message and inspire action
  • Understand and apply proven non-verbal communication skills
  • Exchange Nervousness for confidence and connection
  • Command the vocal spectrum and heighten your executive presence
  • Respond expertly to difficult questions and situations

Benefits for Organizations

  • Learn the mindsets, skill sets and tools to inform, influence and persuade.
  • Build high functioning teams that represent your company and culture
  • Improve employee morale, connection, and team effectiveness
  • Overcome fear of public speaking to confidently exchange ideas
  • Accelerate sales performance and customer service relationships
  • Increase engagement and Improve communication effectiveness
  • Reduce wasted time, unproductive meetings and lost opportunities
  • Create a purposeful shift in knowledge transfer and behavior change
  • Powerfully inform and persuade internal and external stakeholders

Presentation Skills Training Delivery Methods


Virtual On Demand Course



Virtual Live Instructor-Led Course


Other Services

Speechwriting & Storytelling

Write. Rather, let MOXiE do it. We fine-tune presentations to stir feelings, inspire belief and motivate action. Simplify and soar.


Slide and Visual Design

Inspire. Let our team of superb designers and storytellers weave color, symbolism, humor, and clarity into your presentation.


Public Speaking Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills: The Ultimate Guide

Hardly anyone who is a professional is exempt from delivering a presentation, in some form, shape or fashion. So why not work towards becoming a public speaking expert? A skilled master of business communications? Building a set of presentation skills is an asset that can—and will—enhance your professional development. That’s why we created this comprehensive resource. “Public Speaking Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills” is the ultimate guide filled with practical steps towards developing effective presentation skills from how to prepare for your big day, key public speaking tips, visual presentation guidelines, and much more! Take advantage of this all-inclusive resource that is guaranteed to set you on course towards becoming a better speaker—and a better leader because of it. Confidence, Influence and Impact awaits!



Presentation Skills

Targeted training that will empower you to deliver your presentations with confidence and effectively call your audience into action.

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Advanced Presentation Skills

Allow us to take you from good to great, from being experienced to being an expert. Our advanced workshops are tailored for the seasoned speakers who want to Moxify their speaking potential.

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Sales & Influence

Sales is an art that consists of colorful communication, vibrant value and radiant relationships—and a stroke of luck. We provide you with the sales training and tools needed to turn your canvas of opportunity into a masterpiece.

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Talk Like TED

Ted Talks are a different breed of keynote presentations, seamlessly embodying innovation, experience and inspiration. And with this advanced speaking workshop, your next presentation can be fueled by the same techniques and stage presence that have captivated millions.

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Empowerment is giving someone the authority to do, to be, and to succeed—this workshop is intended to do just that. Combining our Moxie method with proven writing strategies, this learning experience will develop your ability as a speechwriter for business communications and presentations.

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Visual Storytelling

Visual presentations are the windows to an audience’s soul—they speak without speaking and say it all without saying much. This interactive training will teach you how to capitalize on the power of visual storytelling and translate your message with innovation and clarity.

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Data Visualization

Data is a treasure map that reveals the problem and guides you to the solution. With the help of this workshop, you’ll learn how to turn complicated, fine print “data maps” into an easy-to-follow GPS system equipped with engaging visuals developed around evidence-based cognitive tools.

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M: Move your Mouth

O: Oxygenate

X: Excite Your Audience

I: It Factor

E: Enjoy the Experience


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