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Denisse Kreeger, Senior Manager at Blizzard

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“Thank you to Moxie Institute for an amazing public speaking workshop. Our Moxie Master Trainer was wonderful and demonstrated the presentation skills that she taught us. She customized and catered the content to our participants who were at various skill levels and an international group with many cultures. Our trainer took the time to give each participant individual feedback on their presentations at the end of the workshop so that everybody left knowing more about their unique strengths as presenters and areas of growth. We were appreciative that a safe space was created in order to allow each participant to take public speaking risks, be vulnerable and stand up in front of the group (which takes courage). There were a few unexpected benefits to the workshop, as well. We built better team cohesion and learned how to give effective feedback to our team members. We’re looking forward to working with Moxie in the future and would highly recommend them to anybody looking for a top-notch presentation skills training.”

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