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“Thank you to Moxie Institute for an amazing public speaking workshop. Our Moxie Master Trainer was wonderful and demonstrated…” Read More

Denisse Kreeger

Senior Manager, Blizzard

“To keep things in baseball terms, Fia is the anchor in the lineup. Fia let the team load the bases and then hit the grand slam home run that brought us all around to score….” Read More


Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems

“It was truly a pleasure working with the Moxie team. I found all of the advice and encouragement I received through the training workshop and personal coaching to be…” Read More

Andrea C Kirkland

Owner, Founder Culinary Med Ed

“I highly recommend Moxie and the work they do. The City re-introduced management academies so as to better prepare…” Read More

Scott Chadwick

Chief Operating Officer at City of San Diego

“The workshop was great! The Moxie Trainer who led the workshop was the soul of the program, so charismatic and inspiring. Loved her…” Read More

Rita Leets

Senior Manager of Commercial Learning at GE Appliances

“Thank you for a great day, Moxie! The team was really energized and excited to use their new found public speaking tools and tactics. We’re…” Read More

Stephen Bruno

Vice President of Global Creative Marketing, Netflix

“Moxie, I am so grateful for our work together. And I can’t wait to work together on the… Read More

Jill Hansen, DDS

“Moxie, I am so grateful for our work together. And I can’t wait to work together on the next talk. My speech today was earth shattering! The…” Read More


Founder & President, Booshoot Technology and #57 Lamborghini Race Driver

“Work with Moxie is an amazing experience. Their unique training approach, adapted specifically to my needs, has transformed the way…” Read More


Economic Development Director, City of San Diego

“Senior level network engineers and their leaders had a blast during Moxie’s Presentation Skills Workshop. They practiced things often forgotten…” Read More


Sr. Leadership Development Consultant at T-Mobile

“My coach was incredibly knowledgeable about public speaking and teaches from principals that are anchored in research and easily…” Read More


Diversity Specialist, Google Inc.

“I need to call out our amazing and talented speaker coach,Fia Fasbinder, for teaching our team the shakedown and courage call before…” Read More


President and Founder of Reality-Based Leadership, Keynote Speaker, Author

“2015 was truly a magical experience to have you for my TED talk. You rocked my world! Thank you for being who you are and for the work…” Read More


Founder, President Tererai Trent International

“Thank you for taking the time to come and talk with us last week. Your presentation was incredibly inspiring and I’m excited to put your…” Read More


Creative Producer, Netflix

“We had the great privilege of having Fia Fasbinder as a keynote speaker at a UCSD HR leadership event. Fia was truly excellent,…” Read More


Director of UCSD HR Leadership Program

“Everything about working with MOXiE is great. The coaching sessions were a great balance feedback and the support and encouragement that I need. I’m so glad I’m doing this and I am so grateful that I took the plunge. Each session exposed some bad habits I wasn’t even aware of, and moreover, how to correct them…so I am very happy!”


Executive Director at California Symphony

“Thanks so much to Fia and The MOXiE Institute for the prep work for my TEDx talk! What a treat! I wouldn’t have been able to…” Read More

Edward Esquenazi

Founder and CEO, SirenasMD

“I had the good fortune to have Fia as my speech coach for TEDxAFC. While I’ve done hundreds of speeches, she helped me turn my presentation…” Read More

David Malmuth

Partner, IDEA District and TEDx Speaker

“Very helpful program-time and cost efficient as well. Moxie customized the coaching to my needs and very busy schedule. This was…” Read More

Marc Treitler

Partner, General Counsel Conservice Utility Management and Billing

“Fia, I so treasure you and our time together! Your business is soaring to new heights…and thank you for…” Read More

Melissa Murray

Image Architect & Style Expert, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host

“What a great presentation with hands-on practice! I have always been challenged with speaking in front of…” Read More

Glory Stewart

“Moxie was a Godsend to me in preparing for my conference. I enjoyed working with them so very much! They empowered…” Read More

Marlene Taylor

Work Advisory Board and Workforce Investment Board for San Diego Workforce Partnership

“Thank you for your amazing class today! Honestly one of the best leadership…” Read More

Kimberly Petz

Presentation Skills Workshop Participant

“Moxie, you’re amazing and we are so thankful for your team’s time and talent helping us prepare. Our speakers are so prepared, poised and polished for our conference… READ MORE

Elyssa Lamoureux

Vice President Advisor Experience, Cetera Financial Group, Inc.

“Thank you very much for the splendid workshop. It was immensely beneficial and an eye-opener to many aspects of communication. We didn’t realize… READ MORE

Arun Chandrun

Program Manager, UST Global

“My TEDx talk was last weekend and it was a success! Considering where I was performance- and nerve-wise when I first reached out to MOXiE, I should change that to: it was a huge success!…Read More

Carolyn porter

Founder Porterfolio Inc., TEDx speaker

“Team Moxie, I will sing your praises to any and all who will listen. I recently received an award for Industry Rising Star and I am certain…” Read More

Yari Mitchell

VP of Global Medical Affairs, Accufocus

“Moxie Institute’s Effective Public Speaking presentation was invaluable to our organization. Moxie helped us learn…” Read More

Dana Skarra

Senior Scientist, SenesTech Inc

“With your help I went in with confidence and focus, feeling like I had prepared. I had a great time and received…” Read More

Wendy Hovland

Voice Over Actor/Communications

“Julia has been just hands-down wonderful. I have learned so much and my speech and the delivery…” Read More

Tara Shirvani

Principal, Sustainable Transport EBRD

“Thank you for your workshop! We are so grateful for your guidance. I cannot wait…” Read More

Lauren Lek

Our Lady of Peace, Head of School

“Fia spoke at an Athena event and I took home quite a few very valuable insights and tips about public…” Read More

Briana Tovey

Community Director at DeskHub San Diego

“I received many thank you’s and compliments on Fia. She was wonderful and everyone loved her, she resonated with the team here and we hope to bring her back again…READ MORE

Tracy Weise

Executive Communications, Lockheed Martin Space

“I just wanted to send a quick note to say THANKS SO MUCH for sharing all your amazing knowledge and talent with me (and the CWT team). I did learn a lot and look forward to using the MOXiE methods in all my presentations moving forward…READ MORE

Gayle Donaghue

Director, Business Development at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

“I was so proud today…I used the skills I learned in your workshop at my Town Hall meeting with … Read More

Peter Vuong

Sr. Director, Product Management & Marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“I applied the principles and techniques I learned from MOXIE immediately. First as a…” Read More

David Grillo

“My experience with Moxie has, by far, exceeded my expectations! My Moxie coach was a joy to work with and was extremely critical in getting my presentation to the next level!…” Read More


Lockheed Martin RMS

“Thank you for your efforts in helping take our advisors on a journey to deliver more powerful seminars. The…” Read More

Abbas Hasan

Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, LPL Financial

“My trainer and Moxie Institute helped me turn presentations, that were as boring as eating chalk, into something so eye-catching…” Read More

David Graham

Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Neighborhood Services, City of San Diego

“The speech went fantastic! Deloitte was happy, and I had several people come talk to me afterward about how much they connected…” Read More


Google Fiber, Curriculum

“Everyone really enjoyed the session and I have heard them reference it in multiple ways over the past few months since the training. Home run on the teaching! Thanks again for spending time with us!”


Director of Content Operations at Netflix

“My keynote went extremely well, thanks to the team at MOXiE. I have never been so prepared and had such a tight coherent…” Read More


Jamaican Bobsleigh Team Member and inspiration for the movie “Cool Runnings”

“Moxie’s Media Training is the best… Thanks so much for sharing your insight and improving my delivery. And thank you for…” Read More


Founder & CEO, Point Focal

“Thank you!! Before I started to work with Moxie, one of my biggest fears after spending a month in the hospital was losing a part of my…” Read More


Founder and CEO at Servant Leadership Institute

“It is truly incredible how effective your insights are in helping me have an impactful presentation. Thank you for another great…” Read More


UST Global, Vice President

“Although I thought I was a decent public speaker, the coaching I received from my trainer opened my eyes to so many different aspects of…” Read More


Dean of Tufts University Medical School

“I can definitely say because of your media training, I performed better on my interviews. I asked …” Read More

John Simpson

CEO, Patra Corp


“My panel discussion went great and it was super fun. Roughly 1,200 people in the audience and I got the closing…” Read More

Konstantin (Kosta) Elchev

CMO at Stashimi

“My keynote was definitely the best I’ve ever given! I did fantastic and I felt strong, confident and clear…” Read More

Julia Carlson

CEO and Wealth Advisor

“My trainer is amazing as a person and outstanding as a coach. I had the privilege of working with Moxie on…” Read More

Ellen Goodwin

Productivity Expert, Speaker, Coach

“I felt that the skills we worked on during our training with Moxie are often over-looked and so most people aren’t…” Read More

Kelsey Dale

Experienced Fundraiser, Operations Manager, Database Administrator, Event Manager, and Outreach Coordinator

“I spent a wonderful hour reading your Moxie Techniques. I will strongly recommend SPEAK WITH MOXIE to colleagues, friends and…” Read More

Pascale Dang

Decorator and Designer

“I want to share with you that the presentation in the contest I participated in was a success! We won… Read More

Oscar Fonseca

Senior UX Designer at American Specialty Health

“You and the Moxie coaches are seriously amazing. You changed my life and many others at the Spatial conference. I still think I paced too much onstage (I’m still learning) but YOU made it… READ MORE

Scott Scheper

Co-Founder, XYO Network

“The Speak with Moxie Open Enrollment was indeed a great day. Fia was awesome and it was well worth the time. Thank you to everyone at Moxie for such an enlightening experience… READ MORE

Namita Vatsa Eveloy

General Atomics

“The presentation was fantastic. In short – I was a rock star. Without a doubt, the group loved it. I was approached…” Read More

Shane Bowen

Senior Director Scientific Research, Illumina

“We loved having Moxie present today! Thanks for teaching us all how to speak with MOXIE! 100% of all…” Read More

Jack Kelly

B2B Services Growth Expert | Delivering Insights & ROI with Net Promoter Score | Top Rated Speaker and Instructor

“I really enjoyed your presentation today for the Women in Technology crowd! I left feeling excited…” Read More

Alicia Niemeyer

Hostelling International Group Sales Manager

“I can’t thank you enough for leading workshops with us. The sessions were super helpful and really… Read More

Edwin Lewis

Creative Producer, Netflix

“I highly recommend working with the MOXiE team. Fia and her team were professional, courteous, and fun. Most importantly… READ MORE

Eric Otto

President and CEO, Connect Worldwide

“I have worked with Moxie multiple times. Leading a global sales organization it is important that my team receives the best available training and education. With Moxie we get that. The Sales Presentation Skills training provided by Moxie… READ MORE

Darren Toohey

Senior Vice President & Head of Global Sales at CWT

“I had the privilege of working with Moxie on my speech for TEDx San Diego. As a speaker coach, Fia doesn’t settle for anything less than the…” Read More


Paralympic Medalist, World Champion and World Record Holder

“Our event was a success thanks to Moxie and their guidance in preparing us for our speech. Man on man, we achieved our communication goals! We can’t wait to…” Read More

Matt Hoolehan

Director of Marketing, Patra corp

“Hi, I’m Henry Evans, author of The Hour a Day Entrepreneur and I’ve had the fortune of being coached by Moxie on public speaking. I’ve done a lot of…” Read More

Henry Evans

Entrepreneur & Vice President Of Channel Sales at PhoneBurner

“Thank you, Fia. I was able to apply what I learned from your session to my day-long employee orientation programs. Specifically, I used the visualization and warm-up techniques, and the results were – much less stumbling over words, much more confidence shown both inside and outside. My next… READ MORE

Jason Aryan

Manager of Workforce Development, St Louis Zoo

“We cannot thank MOXiE’s media trainer Katy Temple enough for her EXPERT coaching and encouragement. We got such a kick out of working with…” Read More

Kate Kaiser

Universal Hospital Services, VP Communication and Investor Relations

“Julia, my Moxie speaker coach, is a true expert, who in short period of time, empowered me with unique skills to resolve my unknown limiting habits… READ MORE

Katie Pohlman

Director of Research, CARL Fellow, PhD candidate

“It was an absolute pleasure to learn about awareness of the different personality traits and use to one’s advantage, the nuances of better communication and techniques and exercises to deliver … READ MORE

Taher Shabbir Rangwala

Corporate Integrator, UST Global

“I want to thank you again for the help that you gave my presentation that I had coming up and taking the time to talk with me about it…” Read More

Alvah W Bickner III

a.i. Solutions NASA, Flight Dynamics Engineer, Landsat 8 and Landsat 9

“I am so thankful for your help. I have received so many compliments on my speech, it felt unbelievable! This would not be possible…” Read More

Amy Yang

General Manager at Coca Cola

“Great job today in your presentation! Our docs absolutely agreed that you provided key takeaways in all aspects of public speaking. You did…” Read More


Director of Professional Strategy, Bausch&Lomb

“Fia is an outstanding speaker coach. She worked with me on my recent TEDx talk, and I learned a huge amount. I have given hundreds…” Read More


Marian Bartlett, Research Scientist at Apple

“As Maya Angelou would say, ‘When you know better, you do better.’ This time last year, at the start of preparing for my first TEDX talk, I…” Read More


CEO, Body Language Institute, NY Times Best-Selling author of YOU SAY MORE THAN YOU THINK

“My Moxie Master Speaker Coach was a true communications virtuoso and masterful executive public speaking coach. She is outstanding at helping executives and…” Read More

Jeremy Hirshberg

COO at Transitive Media & Specific Performance

“Fia is SHARP! She’s a real pro and added very insightful, thoughtful and creative feedback and ideas to help…” Read More

Martin Grunburg

Entrepreneur, Author and full-time Philosurfer

“Public speaking has never been my strong suit. And, after being asked to deliver three talks within a 30-day time…” Read More

Taylor Schulte

Financial Planner | Wealth Advisor | Define Financial

“I did it! A top distributor at Herbalife said that I did amazing and so many audience members came up to me afterwards to say that they were totally inspired by my speech and felt so connected to me! I can’t even count the … READ MORE

Emiko Andry

Herbalife Founders Circle Member

“Another successful Speaker Training with your participation! Once again…” Read More

Dr. Brian Rosenblatt

Optometric Physician at Rosenblatt Family Eye Care Associates

Invisible Disability Project

“”As a result of your coaching, I got three invites to future keynotes and recommendations to boards of directors as soon as I stepped offstage… READ MORE

Linda Williams

PhD, CEO Invisible Disability Project

“We were absolutely thrilled to welcome the Moxie Team to San Diego State University as part of a professional leadership development series. Fia Fasbinder captivated our graduate students as she presented the Speak and Write with Moxie Workshops. During these workshops, she shared techniques to help the … READ MORE

Jong-Deuk Baek

Division of Health Management and Policy Associate Professor HMP Division Head

“So grateful for you, Fia! You have an amazing gift and an incredible ability to put stories together. I can’t wait to get to the TEDx…” Read More

Brandon Steppe

Founder and Executive Director, The David’s Harp Foundation

“I had a great experience with MOXiE. Moxie Master Coach taught the group so much about how to overcome nervousness, speak with confidence, captivate…” Read More

Javier Crespo

Global Creative Marketing, Netflix

“Although we had spent 3 years in Toastmasters, it was nothing at all like sessions with Fia. Fia’s sessions and her supportive techniques…” Read More

Richard and Diane Nares

CNN Hero Awards Winners and Founders of The Emilio Nares Foundation

“Fia and her team at the Moxie Institute are fantastic. Moxie’s coaching and guidance helped me…” Read More

Greg Hammond

Wealth impact and personal legacy advisor

“Fia, it was a pleasure meeting you today. You bring a fresh and engaging style through your training…” Read More

Maroun El-Hage

Senior Civil Engineer, Eastern Municipal Water District

“My master speaker coach came prepared to the session, had great critical feedback on my workshop plan and…” Read More

Russ Lange

Partner, CMG Partners LLC

“I am full of excitement from the Masterclass and ready to execute on my ideas. I have found my “sweet spot” and am grateful to have been a participant… READ MORE

Deketa Cobb

Training Specialist, Human Resources

“First off, THANK YOU! Amazing information, amazing presentation, and amazing fun – it says quite a bit that I looked forward to the time spent with you given that it was after work and just when the ‘evening chill’ was beginning to sink in … READ MORE

Stephanie Criner

Executive Director,
Interpreter Education & Professional Development,
Sorenson Communications,
Austin Interpreting Center

“I’ve enjoyed working with Jason (Canon) because he goes well beyond basic speech coaching. His breadth of knowledge as an… READ MORE

Iacob Koch-Weser

Boston, Massachusetts Management Consulting

“Our organization was focused on offering internal development for our team members, and as public speaking was top on the list of areas they…” Read More

Susan McKenna Penn

Leadership & Organizational Coach | VP Human Resources & Organizational Development

“Within a few minutes of meeting Fia I knew she was going to be a powerhouse! Fia provided an extremely…” Read More

Jasmin Zunzunia

MBA, Operations, Project, Program Management, Fashion, Entertainment, Technology

“Thank you for the wonderful talk on Tuesday. It was chock full of excellent advice. It was exactly…” Read More

Stephanie Allen

Biomedical & Stem Cell Scientist: entrepreneur, product developer, business strategist, and thought leader.

“David was simply AMAZING. One of the best presenters on presentation skills I have seen. You could tell he was passionate about his subject and really… READ MORE

Shannon Jordan

Founder of Career Ingenuity

“Thank you very much for all your support on making a good presentation. I learned many things from you and I am grateful…” Read More


Dean of the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego

“We thoroughly enjoyed Fia’s brown bag session for our women in the leadership team. I have been getting emails all day expressing how…” Read More


Senior Vice President, HSBC, Regional Head of Analytics & CRM

“Within the course of a Moxie workshop, I genuinely gained more confidence in my public speaking capabilities. I strengthened my body…” Read More


Global Creative Marketing: Docs & Unscripted, Netflix

“I gave my talk this morning to our Global Leadership Team. This is the first time I’ve ever given a talk without text or bullet points on slides and I noted that our CEO had printed the slides in color and took notes as I was talking. This was the first time I’ve been able to watch a room and … READ MORE

Lonnie Snyder

Senior Vice President of Information Technology, Special Olympics

“I want to say thank you for inspiring our staff through your training and tips, and also for providing the engagement needed to break down some…” Read More

Alyssa Muto

Deputy Director of Environment & Mobility Planning at City of San Diego

“Moxie’s trainer David Waggoner was amazing! We loved him. So many people wrote on the…” Read More

Elizabeth Barat

Succession Planning Manager, City of San Diego

“I did it! I not only survived both speeches, but the interest has generated is way beyond my…” Read More

Cindy Trice