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Amir Ahmed, Senior Sales Engineer, Sophos

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“I want to extend my gratitude to Moxie Institute for giving me the advice and tools to improve my skills as a presenter. Being an introvert, I know that my nervousness shows. I signed up for 1:1 coaching at Moxie and after my first two meetings, my Moxie coach quickly identified areas he felt I could improve and was supportive and patient throughout the entire process. Our sessions were packed with excellent feedback. Each time, I walked away with tips on removing any unwanted pauses, filler words, and was provided organizational techniques that allowed my presentations to flow better.  By the end of our sessions, I found myself better prepared for my presentations and better articulating my company’s products and services. My improvement was also apparent to members of my sales team who were quick to compliment me on my progress. I believe every minute of our time with Moxie proved to be extremely valuable and has transformed me as a presenter.”

Amir Ahmed
Senior Sales Engineer, Sophos

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