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James Boeding, Demand Planning Manager, Lego

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“Yesterday I completed two second round interviews utilizing techniques I’ve learned from my Moxie coaching sessions, and I executed the best I ever have in an interview setting. For the first time I managed to get through all the interviewers’ questions before running out of time (a rarity for me), but more importantly, I felt totally connected to the interviewers and flowing with the conversation. I prepared differently and had a new Moxie-inspired mindset about the process. My coach is incredible and works at my speed which has made the experience enjoyable, and that much more effective. Furthermore, the follow up emails from my coach have been extremely thorough, focused, with consistently high-quality feedback and specific recaps of each session, examples of best-practices, as well as inspirational video content and worksheets. The coaching has made a real difference for me! Thanks again!”

James Boeding, 
Demand Planning Manager, Lego

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