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Emily Myers, Junior Manager, Direct Persuasion

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Emily Myers

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“My initial presentation we worked on went so well! I worked to implement all of the preparations and tools you taught me throughout our sessions. I sincerely appreciate how much you helped me improve my skills. Some tangible wins from this include a promotion and several compliments on my improved speaking skills. The Director of my company even mentioned she noticed improvement in how I spoke during our office book clubs. This is truly a reflection of the effects of the mindset-shift you helped me unlock, not only in presentations and meetings, but in more casual settings. At a recent company offsite, I presented in front of a room some of the most accomplished people in my field. After my presentation, the founder of our outsourced Employee Development / Hiring Firm gave me high praise for my improved speaking skills. She was so impressed that she reached out about the Moxie Institute so she could share it with some of her other clients — a true testament to Moxie and their coaches!”

Emily Myers,   
Junior Manager, Direct Persuasion

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