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Henry Evans- Entrepreneur & Vice President Of Channel Sales at PhoneBurner

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“Hi, I’m Henry Evans, author of The Hour a Day Entrepreneur and I’ve had the fortune of being coached by Fia on public speaking. I’ve done a lot of public speaking and I actually have a meeting every month where I speak in front of 60-80 people. It was so great to have a member and a client who is also able to coach and help me with better communicating. Fia gave me an enormous amount of material each time we got together that taught me methods of effective public speaking. We talked about how to get your slide deck dialed in and she gave me specific feedback on how to have the greatest impact when speaking. I highly recommend talking with her, engaging with her and going through any programs that she has. Anything you can do to get involved with Fia can definitely help you to better communicate. It’s helped me at work. It’s also helped me at home. It’s also helped my voice become deeper, richer and resonating from my diaphragm. I give my highest recommendation to Fia. Definitely check her out so she can help you better communicate your message to whomever you need.”

Entrepreneur & Vice President Of Channel Sales at PhoneBurner

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