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Dana Skarra- Senior Scientist, SenesTech Inc.

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“Fia Fasbinder’s Effective Public Speaking presentation was invaluable to our organization. She helped us learn to speak with clarity, confidence and power. Before her presentation, most of our group members were apprehensive about public speaking. Fia’s workshop taught us skills and techniques on how to prepare ourselves prior to speaking, relax, project with confidence, work with the layout of the room, and interact with the audience. Fia kept us laughing (a lot) as we were forced out of our comfort zones and embraced our inner thespians to practice these skills. We are all much more prepared to stand in front of a room of people now, poised and at ease. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to learn how to interview, give a professional presentation, land a new deal or job, or simply wants to hone their public speaking skills. It is the best public speaking workshop I’ve ever attended, and it was so much fun. We are fortunate that Fia’s “Moxie Method” is now part of our bag of presentation tricks!”

Senior Scientist, SenesTech Inc

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