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Celgene – Facilitation skills for call center trainers

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Celgene, a biopharma leader with global reach and scale employs more than 9,000 employees and hundreds of call center and field employees supporting thousands of calls per week from all over the world. With that many calls coming in from patients, physicians, and hospital employees, it’s vital that employees at every level receive best in class training and coaching.  Celgene needed to significantly improve their trainers facilitation skills in order to improve the learning transfer and efficacy of the training department.


Through a year-long coaching and training process, Moxie Institute implemented a rigorous assessment of the training department. This was followed by personalized coaching plans and experiential learning workshops to facilitate growth in areas where the team as a whole and each individual trainer received customized coaching and training.  The Moxie credentialed trainers designed, developed, and executed the strategy, learning/growth process, deliberate practice of cadence, and milestones to measure the success of the program and course correct in real time. Topics included facilitation competencies, Adult learning theory, training methods, storytelling, presentation skills, teaching with data and statistics, learning transfer, and experiential activities.


Ongoing live coaching and follow-up observations with Celgene trainers highlighted vast improvements in the areas highlighted in the train-the-trainer checklists and assessments. Specifically, NPS scores from participants rose from 5.5 to 8.5 globally and employee grades improved from an average of 74% to 91% for new employees. Observable trainer feedback showed marked improvement in storytelling/facilitation skills, message delivery, participant learning outcomes, presentation flow, and quality of the overall training.

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