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Nina, a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Google headquarters was facing a growing fear of public speaking as she led trainings around the world.

For her role at Google, Nina frequently presented to audiences including department heads and Senior Executives. Essentially every employee at Google must attend diversity training. While presenting sensitive topics that are included in diversity training, emotions tend to run high. On more than one occasion there were disruptions to Nina’s presentations and her confidence was plummeting. 


Credentialed Moxie trainers used a variety of proven techniques to help Nina channel her fears and anxiety. The recommended process blended psychology, neuroscience, breathwork, meditation, relaxation methods, power posing, and a series of other techniques designed to build confidence. 


Nina now leads the large Inclusion and Diversity training team at Google. She wields executive presence when facilitating and presenting to groups of 100+ in addition to her increased confidence in her day-to-day interactions with colleagues.

Nina’s transformation was so noticeable that she is routinely stopped in the hallways of Google and when attending global meetings by employees asking how she learned to present with such poise and connection. Nina and her management team rated the overall coaching experience a 10 out of 10 and an ‘extremely worthwhile’ career investment. 


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