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Netflix was referred to Moxie Institute seeking training, coaching, and consulting to upskill the entire marketing department in the areas of public speaking, presentation skills, executive presence, storytelling, and scriptwriting. The training included 1:1 coaching, team facilitation training, a storytelling workshop, and deliberate practice follow-up training.

These teams were responsible for presenting to widely known directors and producers like Steven Spielberg and internal senior Netflix executives. They were struggling to achieve the impact clients and internal stakeholders expected from the most respected and largest media services provider and production company in the world. Communication and delivery skills varied widely and there was no consistent messaging.

Being in the presence of cinematic greats can put anyone on edge and the quality of the content, pitches, and presentations was impacting the number of newly signed deals and trust from internal stakeholders. Furthermore, the showrunner feedback from other departments reflected poorly on the marketing department. These pitches are vital to bringing in top talent, programming, and technology to the network. Because of the exceptionally large amount of money that was on the line for each pitch, Moxie was brought on five years ago to build a strategy, framework, and process for the marketing department to attract and maintain the highest caliber of talent to Netflix. 


Moxie Institute had a team of coaches take over the marketing departments and assess the areas that were holding back the team members in their presentations. 

To overcome the star-struck factor, Moxie Institute had the teams persistently rehearsing in order to be able to present confidently while in high-stress situations. The teams were given talk tracks provided by Moxie Institute and coaching designed to bolster their selling power to showrunners. 


After five years working with Netflix, Moxie Institute has provided 15 workshops to over 700 employees, including 1:1 coaching with the VP’s of Marketing for the network.

Through the many customized workshops, individual instruction, and team coaching that Moxie delivers, Netflix has a unified voice that commands respect of programming and technology and a strong track record of success internally and externally. Building a framework for their teams with ongoing presentation delivery, workshops, and a roadmap for improved performance has contributed to maintaining Netflix’s status as a television and movie streaming powerhouse that promises to dominate their industry for years to come.


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