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Bausch + Lomb – Key Opinion Leader Physician Training and Content Development

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B&L partnered with Moxie Institute to design and develop a key opinion leader training with 100’s of physicians around the globe. Moxie Institute’s experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device market is extensive and includes sales, marketing, messaging, and government affairs. The goal was to drive peer-to-peer behavior change and execute professional development strategies leading to a competitive advantage.

B&L and physicians were in need of a talk track and coaching to share a cohesive and clear message of why physicians should reconsider a new way of treating eye related diseases.


A team of Moxie experts and trainers deployed internal and external stakeholder interviews, observed several events, and survey results of how existing messaging and presentation delivery was being received by fellow physician counterparts. Moxie discovered poor message management, slides riddled with difficult to understand data, poor storytelling, and inconsistent delivery leading to poor adoption. This was followed by an iterative process to design and deliver training with the Professional Affairs Department to teams of internal stakeholders and Key Opinion Leaders throughout the US. Part of the program was to create a culture of feedback allowing physicians to rehearse with each other and build skills beyond the in-person Moxie training experience.

By building a custom talk track that was utilized by all KOL’s, Moxie was able to provide physicians with a clear and unified message that was unique to each speaker. The physicians were able to effectively communicate an authentic and compelling message to their colleagues.


After only one month of Moxie Institute training, survey scores from participating physicians were up for content, design, delivery, and the Q&A sessions. The new messaging was resonating with internal stakeholders and physicians alike. 

Through the accountability partners that Moxie established for the KOL’s, rehearsal is now commonplace among the team and doctors. The culture of feedback Moxie created is helping to recruit more physicians leading to better patient outcomes, higher market share, and revenue growth for B&L. 

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