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Cetera Financial Case Study

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Cetera Financial’s annual conference was falling flat. After a customized program of in-person and virtual training sessions, Cetera’s experienced speakers not only gained eye-opening instruction and improved their performances, but received rave reviews from their audiences making for their best conference results to date.


Cetera Financial hosts an annual conference attended by stakeholders, industry leaders, and company executives that they wanted to take to the next level. Although all of their speakers were experienced and had led keynotes and panel discussions before, Cetera felt their event and content delivery weren’t quite where they wanted them. It was time to take things to a Salesforce level starting with their presenters. 

Although all of Cetera’s speakers were experienced, and often high-level execs, none had ever participated in Moxie Institute-style training. Coming from the financial industry, most of their content was naturally data-heavy and difficult to communicate to audiences. It was time to level-up. 


With a group of experienced speakers, it was important to provide unique solutions for each style and need. Moxie Institute created a custom program that combined in-person and virtual group training and one-on-one sessions delivered in phases:

Phase 1 – Speaker Assessment: Interviewing and assessing each speaker to determine who they are, where they are, and where they need to be. 

Phase 2 – Content Creation Coaching: Speakers learn to craft messaging, narratives, PowerPoint slides, and audience journeys for maximum impact.

Phase 3 – Delivery: Understanding best practices for commanding the stage, managing nerves, and wrangling technology.

Phase 4 – On-site Rehearsal: In-person rehearsal with feedback and advice for adjustments.



After training with Moxie Institute, Cetera Financial reported they had the best conference they had ever hosted — and they had proof. Audience surveys were higher than ever when it came to audience engagement, audience understanding, presentation quality, speaker consistency, and quality of audience takeaways. 

Cetera’s speakers also came away from the experience more excited than ever about their company conference and their personal confidence. All expressed that although they had considered themselves highly experienced before the training, they had truly gained an eye-opening understanding of public speaking they hadn’t had before. 


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