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Herbalife Case Study

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Herbalife’s large team of experienced speakers were in need of a unified approach to presenting and speaking that would turn audiences into fans. Moxie Institute’s customized approach not only built confidence and expanded skillsets but resulted in lines of fans after events.


Herbalife is a company of speakers. Each year they host hundreds of conferences and speaking engagements but had never cultivated a unified voice or training program. With so many speakers and events all over the world, Herbalife was facing a myriad of advanced speaking challenges that varied from speaker to speaker.  They approached Moxie Institute for help with turning their audiences into raving fans by transforming their speakers into compelling storytellers.


For Herbalife, Moxie Institute started with an initial full-day group workshop at Herbalife headquarters. This helped to lay the foundation, get everyone on the same page, and provide time for assessments. 

This was followed up with 5 to 10 customized one-on-one sessions for each speaker based on their needs and initial assessment. Depending on their needs, sessions were conducted virtually or in person. Each speaker experienced their own personalized training and was assigned a coach based on skill level and goals.


A group of busy executives, some of whom initially planned to leave training early, canceled flights to attend till the end. 

The majority of Herbalife speakers reported greater confidence and minimized anxiety thanks to the new speaking tools they had in their toolboxes. Those that had spoken for years expressed that they had gained techniques they could use forever and those that spoke English as a second language reported a boosted level of confidence when addressing an English-speaking audience. Because their team now knew how to utilize storytelling, rehearsal, preparation techniques, and pivoting techniques, Herbalife found that audience surveys had shifted. They are now considered more compelling, more engaging, and have lines of fans waiting to speak with presenters after an event. Audience to Fans = Success!


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