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Are Your Leaders Representing Your Mission Effectively?

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Steve Jobs and the technology of today. Estee Lauder and the revolution of beauty. Walt Disney and the foundation of imagination.

History’s greatest leaders didn’t just command armies and represent nations. They also shifted paradigms, drove economic and corporate growth, disrupted habits, and built loyalty from the office outward.

It’s a leader’s job to develop a vision, for they inspire others by establishing and setting the direction, while bravely taking the first steps.

Leadership has nothing to do with stature, seniority, or title. In fact, leaders can be developed from any level of an organization. These dreamers are also doers and they can stir others to move toward a common goal, collaborating and inspiring, using their curiosity and desire to improve for the greater good.

Your leaders set the tone for your entire organization and it’s likely that the cost of low morale and turnover is too high a price to pay for ineffective leadership.

How can you be sure your leadership team is gallantly representing your company’s mission and values to everyone from employees to clients to board members?

In our experience, a leadership training is the best way to ensure that your leaders have everything they need to overcome systemic challenges, foster a cohesive team environment, and work through communication barriers, while consistently representing the brand of the organization.

The Traits of Leadership Excellence

Successful leaders generally demonstrate the same admirable traits: Integrity, strong communication skills, emotional intelligence, ambition, curiosity, and vision to see the big picture. Leaders must also learn to focus, both internally and externally. In recent research, self-awareness and self-mastery have also appeared as critical leadership skills. Though most people aren’t naturally born into the business world with such intangible, soft skills, these types of skills can be taught, developed, and nurtured.

Hone Change-Management Skills to Streamline and Stay Relevant

In any workplace, on any given day, there is never a shortage of obstacles inhibiting the most flawless operation of your team. Every group of employees needs true leadership. True leadership means having dependable strategies to guide employees through systemic challenges, which deepens trust from top to bottom.

You can also proactively manage change and fortify the integrity of your network by ensuring that your strong internal brand culture reaches your leaders at all levels.

Elevate the Clarity and Effectiveness of Communication

Strong communication skills may notably be the key that sets effective leaders apart from those who are less effective. A coaching mindset, where leaders collaborate with both employees and upper level stakeholders with clear dialogue and a shared purpose, can be a benefit at every level of an organization.

When leaders are excellent communicators, gracefully managing conflict, motivating employees, and deftly building relationships, it results in a more open and trusting work environment, heading off conflict before it even starts.

Leaders focus on relationship building, consistently building trust, and clearly formulating and articulating direction with their teams.

Being able to communicate a lofty focus is even more important than simply believing in the purpose and mission of the organization. And the ability to communicate in this way can only come from a leader who knows how to connect, to open up dialogue, to create a clear and consistent channel for communication.

Clear communication helps employees to better understand one another, which can prevent misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and avoid the wasted time of conflict.

This is what helps a team, and ultimately, the entire organization, rally around a shared mission and purpose. It’s how a leader ultimately instills confidence from team members to clients to board members.

Confidently Face Audiences, Cameras, and the Media

Leaders can be trained to carve a definitive and impressionable presence in any setting. A framework understanding of communication skills is rather simple to acquire, but will your leaders be able to appropriately use those skills when the stakes are high?

Would you trust your leaders to appropriately represent your brand in a crisis? Though your upper-level managers often are chosen for their poise, panache, and proven commitment to the organization, many people can buckle when a camera or microphone is involved.

Skills acquired from a book are not the same as tested skills that are practiced and polished. In a strong leadership or communications training, there will be experiential activities that push participants out of their comfort zones and offer opportunities to practice and hone the skills learned.

Crisis aside, consider the opportunity of training leaders to flawlessly handle audiences and the media. At a time when great presentations permeate offices, social media, households, and traditional media by going viral, it’s no wonder achievers and influencers at every level deliver their presentations with the verve and flair of Broadway superstars. What if your leaders did, too?

Upskilling the leadership and communication abilities of your key stakeholders allows them to truly inspire, motivate, and encourage their teams, building a foundation that holds firm long after a training, while improving morale across the organization.

Strong leaders will inspire the success of your organization. The investment to grow and upskill your leaders is, hands down, a brilliant move. Your leaders are the glue holding your organization together, instilling collaboration, trust, and goodwill throughout the company. A leadership training is an excellent way to guide your brand to sustainable success.

Fia and Gregg Fasbinder
CEO and President
(858) 771-6827

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