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Enhance Your Vision With Our


Imagery and visual cues play a vital role in making presentations memorable and ideas tangible. Planned properly, images will seamlessly support the pace of your delivery and importance of your ideas. The Moxie Institute leans on a team of superb designers and storytellers to weave color, symbolism, humor and clarity into our clients’ presentations.

You Want A Game Changer?


Book a speaker who can streamline workplace communication, double sales conversions and pour rocket fuel on your career track before lunch is served. An accomplished actress, teacher and speaker, Fia brings whip-smart humor and business savvy to her engaging, actionable and always memorable keynote addresses. Loaded with practical tips for becoming a more effective communicator, Fia’s presentations are rooted in poignant stories and hilarious anecdotes that carry her practical wisdom long after the event wraps up.

Ignite Your Team With Our


Elevator pitches, performance reviews and sales opportunities all get your adrenaline pumping, raise your heart rate and alter your breathing. Performance is the art of coming through when the stakes are highest, and we train individuals, teams and companies alike to deliver in the clutch. From sharpening sales pitches to mastering impromptu dialogue with superiors, The Moxie Institute puts business people in a position to succeed when it counts.

Enhance Your Performance With Our


The Moxie Institute provides what you need to succeed on-stage. Whether an audience is intimately engaged with their phones or your confidence tends to disappear under the bright lights, every speaker has obstacles to overcome. Vince Lombardi never had to line up against the smartphone generation to deliver his famed remarks, but you can tap into that same gusto every time you step up to a microphone. Fedora optional.

Transform Your Ideas Into Action With Our


A well-crafted and communicated message has the power to transmit ideas, shape the public discourse, generate goodwill, and compel action — in other words, change the world, or at least your world. A good speech can unleash employees’ passion, capture the media spotlight, and differentiate your brand in the marketplace. Remember, great speeches are primarily emotional, not logical. The audience has to feel it.


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