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At Moxie Institute, we elevate speakers! And not just a little bit. We take professionals like YOU to new heights in nearly every type of speaking engagement. From corporate settings to internal stakeholder meetings, sales presentations and boardrooms to… bigger stages…like convention keynotes and TEDx talks.

The Moxie Institute specializes in speaker transformation, upskilling employees and improving workplace engagement. We highlight communication strengths, help refine stage presence and amplify presentations with passion and purpose.

Each line we write, each slide we design and every minute of training leverages the most innovative approaches in adult learning theory. Moxie delivers results with theatrical techniques, neuroscience and experiential learning. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced and your audience will feel the same.

We’ll even write your speech for you. No idea is missed. No detail is overlooked.

Led by Fia and Gregg Fasbinder, The Moxie Institute guarantees you’ll level up in the limelight.

So don’t just give a speech… deliver a performance.

With Moxie.

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