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Why Start with Why?

Mahatma Gandhi said, “My life is my message.” The ability to transform an audience by introducing new thoughts, ideas, and concepts is an incredible gift! In fact, it’s the entire basis of the world-changing TED talk movement. But…where do you start? How do you discover the message of your talk? Before they experience a [...]

Avoid a PR Disaster and Go Positively Viral with Media Training

Tiger Woods. Janet Jackson. Roseanne Barr. Big Tobacco. Facebook. H & M. BP during the oil spill. Burger King. Would they agree that “There’s no such thing as bad publicity?” Who can forget the biggest PR blunders of the decade? That is not the way you want to go down in infamy. With news [...]

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Are Your Leaders Representing Your Mission Effectively?

Steve Jobs and the technology of today. Estee Lauder and the revolution of beauty. Walt Disney and the foundation of imagination. History’s greatest leaders didn’t just command armies and represent nations. They also shifted paradigms, drove economic and corporate growth, disrupted habits, and built loyalty from the office outward. It’s [...]

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Growth and a Bright New Year

As we move into our fifth year in corporate leadership, communication training, and professional speaker coaching, we are thrilled to announce that the Moxie Institute is set to post new records for revenue and company expansion in 2019. Our expectations for higher client and revenue numbers were set by a stronger-than-projected first quarter. To scale [...]

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How to Command the Room: A Public Speaking Coach Spills the Secrets

As a public speaking coach, I’ve been told that I have presidential speaking skills. What does this mean? And have you ever wondered what makes presidents historically remarkable speakers? Why do they orate a cut above the rest of us? We know that presidents are masters of inspiration. One look [...]

Who We Are – The Language of Leadership

At Moxie Institute, we elevate speakers! And not just a little bit. We take professionals like YOU to new heights in nearly every type of speaking engagement. From corporate settings to internal stakeholder meetings, sales presentations and boardrooms to... bigger stages…like convention keynotes and TEDx talks. The Moxie Institute specializes in speaker transformation, upskilling [...]

3 Ways Executive Presence Steals the Show

The difference between a good presentation and one that brings the house down is simple: YOU! Executive presence is the essence of leadership, and notable speakers maintain it across all stages—including the really big ones. Think MLK, Kennedy, Oprah, Churchill. No matter the occasion, their presence conveyed confidence, competence, commitment and authenticity to the [...]

Dress to Impress for Your Next Presentation

What do TED speaker Amy Cuddy, image consultant Marian Rothschild and market researcher, real estate investor and style advisor Scott Dunstall have in common? Answer: They all think you should dress better. How an audience perceives you is half the battle when you walk out on stage. People make an assumption within the first 15 seconds of meeting a [...]

March Madness Teaches You How to Command The Room With Your Next Speech

It's that time of year again: March Madness gets down to the Sweet 16. High pressure scenarios like this can make us or break us. March Madness is no different: it tells us much about leadership and performing. Both are essential to elevating your presentation skills with executive presence. So what exactly is executive presence [...]