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Whether you’re presenting complex data, delivering a sales pitch, or sharing an idea to the world, exceptional speaking skills are the wings of any successful presentation. So why is it still one of the most formidable challenges individuals and employees at every level face in their professional career?

Our flagship presentations skills training is offered both live and in-person or streamed from a studio atmosphere broadcast to your teams anywhere in the world. Our master coaches practice what they preach and ensure every member of your team receives personalized attention to boost participation and engagement. Whether in-person or in a live virtual workshop, participants will learn the skills to deliver powerful presentations with confidence.

From calming your nerves to clarifying your message, the biggest thing standing in the way of engaging your audience with confidence is mastering public speaking skills. Chances are, during some presentation or another (or maybe all of them), you’ve self-sabotaged with negative thought patterns and poor rehearsal techniques long before your first word. This happens onstage, in boardrooms, and when closing sales opportunities. But it doesn’t have to.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the mindsets, skill sets, and tools to inform, influence and persuade

  • Build high functioning teams that represent your company and culture

  • Improve employee morale speaking to confidently exchange ideas

  • Accelerate sales performance and customer service relationships

  • Increase engagement and improve communication effectiveness

  • Reduce wasted time, unproductive meeting and lost opportunities

  • Create a purposeful shift in knowledge transfer and behavior change

  • Powerfully inform and persuade internal and external stakeholders


Superior Training, Transformative Experiences, Proven Results

A completely unique workshop, Speak with Moxie has the information density of a graduate-level performing arts class, but with the accessibility of Public Speaking 101. We provide effective presentation skills training through a unique and modern methodology designed to arm you and your teams with the same preparation, relaxation, and delivery techniques used from Broadway to TED stages.

Each workshop is completely customized. Participants leave with the capabilities to:

Exchange nervousness for confidence and connection

Present with purpose and speak with clarity and authority

Control stress and speaking anxiety with calming relaxation methods

Communicate your message clearly and powerfully

Face audiences confidently, persuade them ethically

Captivate audiences from your first word

Deliver presentations that win results

Command the vocal spectrum and heighten your executive presence

Understand and apply proven non-verbal communication skills

Respond expertly to difficult questions and situations

Turn speaking confidence into your competitive edge

Learn invaluable rehearsal techniques passed down by the pros

Bringing Out The Bravado

We’ve spent years developing this breakthrough approach to presentation training. Today, our Speak with Moxie workshop empowers teams and individuals with the speaking virtuosity to take their public speaking to new heights.

This one-of-a-kind workshop leverages a fusion of proven stagecraft and neuroscience to unlock and unleash expert-level presentation skills.

Whether you’re a novice speaker or a stage savant, this hands-on public speaking skills training guarantees to elevate the power and persuasiveness of your next presentation.

Our master facilitators will train your team to overcome common speaking challenges, understand and employ attention-holding techniques, and provide the resources to deliver unforgettable talks with poise, purpose – and a round of applause.

Why Choose MOXiE

At Moxie, we teach leaders the art and science of authentic performance.

Our expert coaches and trainers empower executives, global organizations, thought leaders, and TED speakers to command the stage, crush their keynotes, and bring stories to life. Our team excels at driving speaker transformation from TED stages to the C-suites of Fortune 500 firms.

Our background is diverse. So is our approach.

  • Our acting experience made us experts in stage presence
  • Our work in higher education made our workshops models of adult learning, based in the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and performance studies
  • Our years of executive speechwriting taught us all the tricks of the trade
  • Our creative acumen lets us design relatable and visually compelling slide decks

Each line we write, each slide we design, and every minute of training is entirely tailored to the strengths and opportunities of you and your team. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… and your audience will feel the same.

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