“What most employers want are written communication, oral communication, team building, and leadership skills.” –Jeff Weiner, CEO, LinkedIn

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if leaders were born, not made?

What if every single employee in your organization, from the greenest intern to the CFO, were natural performers, storytellers, and diplomats?

Unfortunately, most companies deal with the polar opposite scenario.

A recent study by LinkedIn listed Oral Communication as the #1 Top Skills Shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Business Management and Leadership followed as numbers two and three. So what can you do?

Of course, the intern is probably not giving a major speech to your biggest shareholders, but what is Susie in Accounts Receivable saying to your most valued clients? Is her confidence in your brand coming through clearly in her voice?

As you surely know, your employees represent your company. This is obvious with your sales force, where the majority of training happens in most companies. From the receptionist greeting vendors, clients, and visiting dignitaries to – well – maybe even you – could there be room for improvement in how your organization communicates with the outside world?

Could it be that your company’s brand success relies on masterful, company-wide presentation skills? In our competitive market, well-trained leaders and their teams can command every speaking opportunity – anywhere from trade show keynotes to closed door meetings.

Here’s how to ensure that you and your organization are dominating the market:

Bring everyone to the same page.

Surely you’ve hired extraordinary people. A communication skills workshop can encourage the kind of collaboration that unites the organization into a cohesive brand. These workshops can be tailored specifically for the goals and mission of your company, creating consistent experiences for your customers that are authentically ingrained into the culture of each and every employee.

When you bring exceptional people who aspire to succeed into a professional development session with purpose, your employees will not only be grateful for the personal growth opportunity, but they will also be speaking the language of your brand out in the wild. This means you can entrust every single phone call – from accounting to customer service to sales – will be handled with the authentic language and mission of your unique brand.

This also translates to more networking opportunities for your employees. In addition to building the confidence to reach out and communicate more with others, when your whole team is speaking the brand language with enthusiasm, this also leads to opportunities to develop new business.

Additionally, workshops in presentation skills can make team presentations more cohesive. When several stakeholders in the company are presenting at the same event, they still involve team members presenting individually, often preparing and rehearsing on their own. This can lead to scattered messages that seem randomly presented on the same stage. At Moxie Institute, we enjoy working with presentation teams to intensify the overall message by helping team members weave their speeches together, again unifying the brand message and delivering content with an even more memorable impact.

Amplify brand trust and loyalty.

When your organization is speaking the same language and delivering an authentic, consistent message, your customers naturally develop even more trust in your brand.

And why do your best clients choose to work with you? It’s because they trust you. They like what you have to say. When the message is the same from the mouths of the first salesperson to the executive team to Susie in accounts payable, this creates a comfortable, trustworthy feeling. And trust inspires loyalty.

Additionally, your best employees are craving professional development and growth opportunities. If your organization is not providing those opportunities, they will leave, moving on to a company that does.

If, instead, you invest in your employees by satisfying their thirst to learn and grow into leaders, it can only improve employee retention. And when your clients can call and consistently speak with their favorite representative, this also inspires trust and loyalty.

Conquer competition as a leader in your industry.

Communication skills training can ignite individual careers, whole teams, and the leadership of your entire organization.

The competition is stiff. Consider how great presentations go viral, permeating offices, households, social media, and traditional media. In today’s economic environment, elevating the impact of a company’s presentations is critical.

Executives who recognize the persuasiveness of using the kind of performance skills taught in a communication skills training can rise to near stardom these days. These soft skills can help to increase income streams, present new opportunities, close high-stakes sales, and even sometimes lead to the gold standard in virality – the TED talk.

TED aside, handling speaking opportunities, presentations, and keynotes with the moxie and verve of a broadway performer is just a small factor.

Business leaders and employees at every level are expected nowadays to translate jargon into stories – to communicate with panache in every interaction. Speaking to customers, board members, or shareholders will require a different approach than addressing an audience. Luckily, this can be taught, polished, and practiced, further elevating the impression of your brand out in the world.

Listeners won’t separate the message from the messenger, so every word uttered by a member of your organization is a direct representation of your brand. With the right kind of communication skills training, the representatives of your company can deliver the kind of extraordinary presentations that absolutely crush your competition and dominate the market.

The increased professionalism and unified message gained across the entire organization by a workshop on communication can immediately propel your company to a new level of influence, effectiveness, and inspiration.

You can unify your message and your organization, amplify trust and loyalty for your brand, and step out as a leader in your industry – while simultaneously increasing employee retention – by providing the professional development that the current and future leaders in your organization crave. This results in far-reaching rewards for everyone in your company, your clients, all major stakeholders, and even the elevation and recognition of your brand.

Want to learn more? Learn why communication workshops are the best way to spend your training budget.

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CEO and President
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I can’t thank you enough for leading workshops with us. The sessions were super helpful and really timely and the team is already asking for the next round of training. Can’t wait to have you back!

Senior level network engineers and their leaders had a blast during Fia’s Presentation Skills Workshop. They practiced things often forgotten in the age of presentations driven by PowerPoint. They learned the art of preparation and relaxation, vocalizing from the diaphragm, and effective articulation. They learned and laughed at the same time. I too was preparing for a public speech in front of a large audience, and Fia’s workshop was most timely. I utilized all the skills practiced during the presentation and knocked it out of the park!

Our organization was focused on offering internal development for our team members, and as public speaking was top on the list of areas they wanted to work on, we hired Fia to lead the charge. Fia has been fantastic in creating a customized program for our team, including a launch that generated incredible interest and sign up of over 3 X the individuals we had thought would be interested in the follow up coursework provided. The feedback has been fantastic from the start!