staff development

World on Pause? Press Play on Staff Development

Want to know one of the most powerful factors that contribute to a business’ success? Consistency. And not just consistency in your product or service. But throughout the entire organization from the CEO to the receptionist. A report by Demand Metric found that 90% of business leaders said consistency was important but only 10% felt they were doing it—it’s a golden opportunity for your business to stand out. Take Apple as an example. They had revolutionary products. But imagine if Steve Jobs spoke like an awkward teenager and the marketing copied the corporate-feel of Microsoft. Or if the Apple stores […]

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take a deep breath

Want To Speak Powerfully and Reduce Anxiety? Take A Deep Breath

Did you know that the difference between being viewed as powerful or timid lies in your breath? Or that if you take a deep breath, you can feel better both physically and mentally? In our decades of experience in public speaking training, we’ve found that breathing is the most critical and least taught tool in impactful public speaking. Whether it’s a confident presentation on the TED stage or an important virtual meeting or event, you need to control your breath to ensure you speak clearly and are heard. This is because breathing is essential to demonstrating executive presence.     […]

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virtual meeting icebreakers

Virtual Meeting Icebreakers You’ve Been Missing Out On

Laughter, Smiles, And The Occasional Horrified Gasp
Reduce stress and lower cortisol levels while boosting your immune system—having a chuckle really does help us feel better.

One study found it even improves short-term memory which is great because, well, we forget why, but you get the picture.

Right now, we all could do with more laughter and deeper connections with those in our lives. So try out some of these virtual meeting icebreakers and enjoy the bizarre stories that have come out of Moxie Institute’s own staff.

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bad news

Need To Deliver Bad News Virtually? This Is A Must Read

In Difficult Times, Empathy Is King As the COVID-19 situation changes rapidly many leaders are being forced to deliver extremely important information or bad news through calls, email, and online meetings. And almost none have been trained on how to do it. A study showed that even with healthcare professionals, who have to give bad news throughout their career, 58% said being honest without taking away hope is the most difficult part. We all hate giving bad news. It’s awkward and uncomfortable. And doing it through virtual communications can feel impersonal and at worst, cowardly. But just like a news […]

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virtual meetings

Simple Steps For A Smooth Virtual Meeting

We’ve Been Forced To Change, So Let’s Change For The Better With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, the world has had to respond with swift dramatic measures. And for most businesses, this is a big shift. Virtual meetings are becoming the norm (and may stay that way in future) so knowing how to lead them successfully is a vital skill that’s worth honing. We’re here to show you how. Preparation Wins Every Time First, Figure Out The Tech It’s important to use the right platform for your virtual meeting. Do you need to record sessions for notes or training purposes? […]

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speaking on camera

Presenting Virtually Can Feel Awkward—These 8 Essential Tips Will Help You

Strong Virtual Speakers Still Have A Human Connection We’ve all attended a webinar, remote meeting, or virtual presentation where the boredom sets in and we start feeling the itch to check our email or change tabs. And it’s a shame because when we first join we always hope to learn something new and enjoy listening to an expert share their knowledge. If you’ve suddenly been asked to talk to others virtually, don’t panic—or at least panic a little less. We created an overview of the essential techniques required to have gravitas on camera below. And if you would like training […]

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Virtual Events

Switch To A Virtual Event

Conference organizers across the country have lost millions of dollars by canceling their events due to the Coronavirus1—but there are smarter options. People are being told to work from home and self-isolate, they want connection now more than ever. It’s the perfect time to reach an audience looking for online content. But the rules still apply. They want engaging and relevant content. They want to hear from people who use executive presence to deliver powerful presentations to their devices that motivate and inspire. The market is shifting. This is your opportunity to emerge as a leader in your field. If […]

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Moxie Method

Public Speaking Training 101: Mastering Your Voice, Your Guide to Vocal Perfection

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 “M,” for “Move your mouth.” Welcome to the MOXIE Method series which focuses on one of the most crucial parts of any presentation—the delivery. Having carefully crafted the content using the POWER Method and developing a slide deck that has impact with the STYLE Method, it’s time to work on your voice and give it some major gravitas. Here’s what you have to look forward to: The MOXIE Method M = Move Your Mouth – Learn how to speak with executive presence using techniques for articulating your words. Not to […]

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Conquering Data Visualization for PowerPoint Design – Presentation Design Series 4 of 4

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 The last installment in our Presentation Design series is a primer on the smartest ways to make data stand out using smart visual design. We’ll calculate the way numbers and statistics—presented cleanly and clearly—can add up to a message that inspires an audience. Welcome to Part 4 of Design With STYLE -The STYLE Method! In Part 3, we learned there are style and structure principles that go into great visual design. We looked at templates, themes and topography of slides—and we absorbed the idea that the use of color is a highly […]

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Design with Style PowerPoint Tips

Mastering the Style & Structure of PowerPoint Design – Presentation Design Series 3 of 4

PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 The third installment in our Presentation and Slide Design series is a deep dive into great PowerPoint design. The focus is on creating compelling slides that allow an audience to easily absorb your information. Welcome to Part 3 of Design with STYLE – The STYLE Method! In Part 2, we learned how Presentation and Slide Design is aided by storyboarding. That process allows you to put key points in order, edit out unnecessary parts and visualize each of your slides to accompany your script. Now, we’re revealing style and structure tools that will […]

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