What Should I Know? And How Do I Do It? Thoughtful Presentation Tips

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Well, quite frankly, there is a LOT that you should know about becoming a great public speaker.

We have plenty of presentation skills training and talented coaches at Moxie Institute who can guide you through this process but for the purposes of this article, we’ve curated some of our fundamental presentation tips to get you started!

Prepare Like You’re Going to The Grammys

If you were going to be the MC at the 2020 Grammys, you probably would take your presentation skills training very seriously.

Why? Because there’s going to be a lot of important people and a lot of reporters with a lot of high definition cameras.

However, our coaches at Moxie Institute believe you should prepare for each presentation or public speaking engagement with the same dedication and fervor, irrespective of whether they’re Hollywood sized or just a part of your 9-5.

The effort that you put into this preparation phase will make or break your presentation.
Below is a non-exhaustive list of some practical presentation tips to help you adequately prepare for your big day:

  1. Define the objective

    Set goal for your presentation and do everything within your power to stay on topic.

    Each sentence in your speech should be seamlessly woven together to point back to the objective of the presentations.

    Relevancy is key here, and trust us, your audience WILL thank you.

  2. Create an outline that includes:

    a. A catchy, compelling introduction.

    b. A body that effectively expounds on your introduction.

    c. A conclusion that circles back to your objective.

  3. Understand your audience

    Are you speaking to a youth group from Orange County or a group of youth pastors from the Bronx?

    Targeting your speech with your audience in mind will help you curate the appropriate content and save you from making irrelevant statements.


    This can’t be emphasized enough, even with the repeated all caps. By practicing your speech, you will alleviate a lot of anxiety and pressure when you’re standing on the stage.

    Practice in the mirror, practice in the car, practice in your sleep (kidding – please maintain a healthy work-life balance).

    The point is, by practicing in different settings, you actually train your mind to become more comfortable with your speech.

  5. Physial Location

    If you’re able to, try and visit the physical location where you will be delivering your presentation so that you can get a feel for your environment and practice in the room, examine the space, etc.,

Our public speaking coaching services at Moxie can help you expand on these presentation tips and more.

Together, we’ll develop techniques that will manage your public speaking anxiety, facilitate audience engagement, storytelling and master your body language.

We created a nifty guide filled with even more presentation tips that will get you started on the path of delivering fearless presentations.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Presentation Skills for a more comprehensive outline and gain reliable insight to help you prepare for your next presentation!

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