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Don’t Cancel! Switch To A Virtual Event

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Conference organizers across the country have lost millions of dollars by canceling their events due to the Coronavirus1—but there are smarter options.

People are being told to work from home and self-isolate, they want connection now more than ever. It’s the perfect time to reach an audience looking for online content.

But the rules still apply.

They want engaging and relevant content. They want to hear from people who use executive presence to deliver powerful presentations to their devices that motivate and inspire.

The market is shifting. This is your opportunity to emerge as a leader in your field.

If you have been planning an event or corporate training and have your finger above the abort button, you should consider the huge benefits that going virtual can bring you.

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The Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Host A Virtual Event

  • No Need To Slow Your Strategy For The Year
    If you’ve already invested in marketing the event then this is still a crucial opportunity for you to drum up excitement for your latest products and services or get your employees focused on the months ahead. Even though times are difficult right now, you do not want to lose this opportunity to amplify your message and influence your audience.
  • You Can Reduce Losses And Even Total Costs
    While some companies may offer refunds on any deposits you have made, you will likely still lose some money. However, being virtual means that the logistics and costs of having a physical space are gone, so the savings could help balance out the loss—much better than canceling and losing out entirely.
  • You Benefit From Precise Data
    In a physical event, it’s difficult to keep track of attendees and ensure everyone receives information and new updates. In a virtual conference, you will know exactly who attended, how long they stayed, and what giveaways were most downloaded and used. This is invaluable data for creating even better virtual events in the future.

If you were planning on holding a training for your employees but fear you need to cancel, you should know that numerous studies have shown that virtual training is just as effective as doing it in person.2
Virtual Training

The Top 3 Reasons For Virtual Group Training

  • Save On Traveling Cost, Time, and Stress For All Team Members
    Simply getting to a training can result in a host of unforeseen delays and issues. By having it virtually, you cut costs and make it easier for everyone to take part.
  • You Have Greater Scheduling Flexibility
    Without needing to be at a certain venue you can now change the time of the training to be even more convenient for your team. This means that you can enjoy even higher attendance and ensure more of your employees get the training they need.
  • Virtual Training Fosters Better Engagement
    When people are placed into a new environment, even the little things like grabbing a cup of coffee or finding the restroom takes more time and energy than usual. By having the training from their own office or home, they are in a more relaxed state and able to focus better.

The Coronavirus has already pushed schools, hospitals, and other businesses to move online. At Moxie Institute, we think it’s important for everyone to consider what this means for themselves and their business over the coming months.
Virtual Conference

If you want to get ahead and learn how to seamlessly integrate virtual into your strategy, we can help.

Moxie Institute’s Virtual Offerings

  • Virtual Conferences
  • Virtual Group Training
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Virtual Executive Keynotes
  • Virtual Technology Demonstrations
  • Virtual Product Launch
  • Virtual General Session and Breakouts
  • Virtual Press Events
  • Virtual Town Hall
  • Virtual Company-Wide General Meetings
  • and more…

For those looking for more information on the benefits of virtual, read on.

Why Your Event Is Worth Salvaging

  • You Can Now Scale-Up At No Extra Cost
    There is so much value in being able to get your message out to as many people as possible. Whether you want to speak locally, nationally, or reach out to a global audience, the only thing stopping your audience from attending is an internet connection.
  • Your Employees And Customers Already Blocked Out The Time
    When your event was in person, attendees were prepared to travel to it, stay in hotels, and do whatever was required to make it. Now the ask is simply to be online for the event itself. Why cancel something that is now even easier for them to attend?
  • You May Not Have To Lose Your Venue Deposit
    If you’ve already booked a space and can’t get a refund then you can still use it as the backdrop for your virtual event. Moxie Institute has a virtual-ready film crew who can meet you at your venue and help you live stream to an audience.
  • Go For Higher Attendance And Sales
    If your event sold tickets as well as premium access to top keynotes, you are no longer restricted to limited spaces. This is a great opportunity to upsell those who missed out and give as many people access as possible.

Even though we’ve outlined the virtues of going virtual, we understand that there are still many of you who feel completely lost when it comes to putting on a virtual training or event. So let’s explore what those are and what solutions are available to make it easier.
Virtual Coaching

The 3 Concerns Of Switching To Virtual—And How To Overcome It

  • I Don’t Have The Technology
    Setting up a virtual conference or training isn’t easy, but if you follow key principles you can guarantee a much higher rate of success.
    For example, using a video conferencing site can allow you to choose between a meeting format or a webinar.In meetings, all participants can speak, see each other, and as the organizer, you can create “breakout spaces” that move people into smaller groups for exercises and discussions. Webinars are better for larger audiences where you want more control over who can speak, what screens or graphics people see, as well as creating live polls or a dedicated Q&A to make answering questions easier.You can also set up studio spaces where a film crew can navigate the technical aspects for you meaning your speakers can just focus on delivering their content.If you want help with this, book a call with us and we can discuss the options available to your situation.
  • It Won’t Be As Effective As An In-Person Event
    Switching from in-person to virtual can still be impactful and valuable if executed correctly.
    You may not believe this since our current culture over-romanticizes live experiences, but that really only applies to music festivals or cultural gatherings. For situations like annual events, B2B conferences, or education, it really doesn’t matter at all.Think about it.How many in-person lessons and presentations have you experienced in your life that were mind-numbingly boring?What truly matters is the speaker and their content.
    It’s why we can watch old YouTube videos of powerful speakers like MLK Jr or Winston Churchill and still get goosebumps—even in our pj’s at 11 p.m.Of course, there is still a nuance to delivering impactful virtual experiences, which leads us to the third most common concern.
  • We Don’t Know How To Speak To A Virtual Audience
    There is an art to presenting effectively to a camera—and we can teach you how to do it.
    As more businesses switch to virtual, knowing how to communicate remotely is becoming an essential skill to have. Moxie Institute’s Virtual Communication Training gives you the techniques to speak with impact from your screen to thousands of devices.If you are looking for ways to train your employees in the coming months but want to give them the freedom to learn remotely, we have the capabilities to deliver our workshops virtually while still retaining the exceptional quality, engagement, and fun we’re known for.

How We Make Virtual Group Training Just As Exciting

We’ve covered the top reasons why virtual training is not only more cost-effective but easier for your employees to attend—but how is it as good as being in-person?

If you have a mental image of a trainer droning on through a grainy webcam then trust us—we’d hate that too.

We have a dedicated space we use for broadcasting and live streaming that creates an environment that feels like a mash-up of ESPN and SNL. Our trainers are live, talking and engaging with your team to ensure that questions are answered and feedback is given.

And just because you’re at your desk, don’t think we won’t be asking you to get on your feet and move around and participate in our experiential activities.

Through virtual services, we’re also able to set up the breakout sessions we mentioned earlier ensuring that our master trainers can lead smaller groups for more direct and personal feedback.

If you want to find out more, simply schedule a call and find out what we can do for you.


Schedule an easy 30-minute call using our calendar. We’re here to help!

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Speak with MOXIE eBook: Your Guide to Powerful Presentations and Performances
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