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The MOXIE Method of Effective Public Speaking – “Excite”

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Hi, I’m Fia Fasbinder welcome to the Moxie Minute.

Today we’re talking about the “X” of the Moxie Method which stands for eXcite Your Audience.

How do we go beyond the words were saying in our presentation to engage, connect and ignite our audience?

We do this by using vocal variety and nonverbal communication techniques. Now actors use these techniques when they perform on stage and we can learn from them too.

We can use techniques like changing our reflection, changing the pitch of our voice, the volume, the pace that we talk. Find words to emphasize and move around the room with conviction.

All of these things will help us take our talk to a different level so we’re not just standing behind the podium delivering words.

So, remember, for your next talk excite your audience.

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