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Inspirational Speakers: Why Speaking from the Heart is Their Secret to Success

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Inspirational speakers have the ability to ignite powerful feelings of motivation and confidence in their audience.

They do this by connecting with their audience to create trust and rapport. And when it comes to building connection, there are few qualities more essential than honesty, sincerity, and authenticity.

You’ll notice these in any inspirational speech or passionate conversation. Whether it’s entrepreneurs sharing their greatest failures, comedians highlighting truths, or inspirational speakers being open about their experiences.

Here are some tips from our public speaking training to help you embrace your passion and speak authentically in your next presentation:


First, prepare to be vulnerable.

Vulnerability means being true to yourself and expressing it regardless of how others may react. Often, this leads to powerful, authentic communication.

You also want to allow yourself to show your emotions. If you’re feeling happy about something don’t be afraid to be happy while talking.

Believing in yourself and your message can be the most effective tool you have to create change.

It’s been proven that humans mirror the emotions of the person they are listening to. So the more outwardly you express your feelings about the message of your presentation or talk, the more your audience will feel it too.


If an inspirational speaker told you to just “be more motivated” you’d likely feel nothing new.

But what if they told you a personal story?

One where they spent a long time feeling no motivation. Where some weeks they felt like a failure and beat themselves up for being lazy and unproductive.

But then how an event or a person in their life helped them change their mindset which led them to their current success. A mindset they are excited to share with you to help you do the same!

Through powerful storytelling where they’re open about where they’ve struggled, what it felt like, and speaking from the heart, a speaker becomes more relatable and helps you see that you can make changes yourself.

People look to inspirational speakers to give them hope, new perspectives, and more than anything—lead by example.

You have likely had experiences that helped you, if you share those, you may be surprised how much they help others as well.


Brené Brown says in her TED Talk on vulnerability that “stories are just data with a soul.”

It’s common when relaying financial data or recent research to only present the numbers. But in reality, they tell a story.

Ask yourself, what is your data trying to tell you?

Inspirational speakers will frequently relate their cold facts and data to relevant anecdotal stories. Stories that help illustrate the message and justify their point.

The best way you can find a meaningful story to share is by identifying common ground.

How does your work connect to your business or the world at large? How has your message already begun to change things?

Your audience will respond best to authentic communication so spend time on making sure your story comes straight from the heart.

If you aren’t sure how to craft and tell a story that has an impact, check out our video below!


If you don’t feel excited about the topic you’re speaking on then neither will your audience.

Even when you’re just giving a presentation on something mundane or protocol for your industry, you can enliven it if you try.

You do this by finding ways to relate to the topic. Think about the aspects of your presentation that excite you and transfer that excitement.

A truly gifted public speaker will view themselves as a vessel for their message. Their passion comes from the knowledge that their message is valuable and necessary. In Lex Gillette’s TEDx Talk, he discusses the power of perseverance and his passion for his story is what draws you in.

Think about it. What if you allowed your passion to flow?

How much more engaging would your presentation be if you unabashedly shared your truth and spoke your heart?

It sounds intimidating but it will immediately connect you with your audience.

It gives them a glimpse into what moves you which always fosters empathy and interest. It’s how you make your inspirational speech more memorable and inspire change.

It will also make speaking easier!

When you feel enthusiastic about something, you don’t need a teleprompter or slides to have authentic communication that draws people in. It will happen naturally.

When you speak from the heart, sincere passion will come through–and it’s contagious.

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