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Why You Should Always Say Yes to The Stage

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Many people think of a presentation as an obligation they have to fulfill.


A presentation is a chance to contribute to change in a small or large way and isn’t that what every human being wants to contribute. I like to think of presentations as works of art because they deeply connect with an audience.

But when you play it safe in your presentation you’re not creating art your painting by numbers. As children, we are all fearless communicators and authentic speakers but something happens to us as adults.

We become afraid of ridicule.

Fearful of what people might say about us and we start to play it safe.

I encourage you and your next presentation to take some risks Shirley MacLaine said “don’t be afraid to go out on a limb it’s where the fruit is.”

In your next presentation, combine your fearlessness that you had as a child with your newfound knowledge. You are an adult and can create a presentation that contributes to worldwide change.

Here is to changing the world one presentation at a time.

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