The TED Heads: Featuring Fia and Gregg Fasbinder with Brandon Steppe at David’s Harp Foundation

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MOXiE Talk: Give Your Words the Chance to Change The World

Presidents and neuroscientists give them. They have been watched more than a billion times, live and online, all across the globe. They are not merely presentations — They are an inspiration.

They are ideas that influence more ideas. They are catalysts and they are answers to questions no one’s thought to ask. They are among the most revered keynotes in today’s world. They are TED Talks.

In today’s episode, Gregg Fasbinder, Founder and President at MOXiE Institute interviews Brandon Steppe, founder of David’s Harp Foundation and Fia Fasbinder, CEO, and founder of MOXiE Institute. They dive deep into the transformative experience and hard work it takes to design, and deliver an inspiring San Diego TEDx Talk.

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Be transformed and watch Brandon Steppe’s San Diego TEDx talk, “True Mentorship Requires Bold Transparency”


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