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Hi Moxie Tribe,

We are so excited to announce something that we have NEVER done. We will be sharing insights, tips and techniques to achieve the same results like our clients at Google, Netflix, Lockheed Martin, Apple, Deloitte, and so many more.

Check out some of the inspiring feedback on our testimonial and case study page.

Our mission at Moxie Institute is to help you overcome some of the most difficult communication challenges, develop teams of competent, confident presenters and transform your events with our full suite of done-for-you meeting services. Throughout 2020, we will be sharing some of the most valuable resources to help you do just that. You will learn…

  • Storytelling, speech writing, & powerful pitches
  • Captivating slide, visual, and multimedia design
  • Presentation delivery and stagecraft techniques
  • Rehearsal, feedback & purposeful practice strategies
  • Transform your events and inspire audiences
  • And so much more…

Over the next 4 months we will be teaching you how to be a stronger and more confident communicator. Each month starting in January we will take a deep dive into the 4 Pillars of Presentations that we teach around the world. Lookout for content delivered each week to your inbox and follow up on social as we introduce the insights and intelligence you need to crush your 2020 goals.

Moxify Your First Quarter! BRAND NEW MATERIAL Starting January 1st. 

Think about Tim Ferris, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Adam Grant, Gary V, and Marie Forleo…what do they have in common?

They are the go-to experts in their space.

That’s what Moxie Institute is for presentations and performance. The go-to expert! Starting in January, we will focus on one of Moxie Institute’s 4 Pillars of Presentations. By the end of April, you will undoubtedly be a rogue scholar in all things presentations, and become the most interesting person in the room.

  • January is all about CONTENT – Solidify how to write an engaging speech, create the perfect pitch, or craft a great business presentation. We are known for creating content and speech writing services for The White House, University of Oregon, Apple, and a slew of notable TED Speakers. Our staff speechwriters have extensive experience coaching and creating compelling content. We will explore what is your big idea? How to position you passion to go viral? Get ready to nail it and become a master with your words.
  • February is all about DESIGN – While all five of the senses play a unique and integral role, SIGHT is one of the most powerful for influence and impact. Stefan Behling, Senior Executive Partner at Fosters + Partners, identified in the Science of the Senses, that lack of stimulation leads to a reduction in brain size and the loss of plasticity. In order to break down barriers and to encourage creativity and nurture innovation, ALLIESTHESIA, the process of varying sensory stimulation is imperative. In February, you will learn the fine points of slides, visuals, and multimedia. Master the What, Why and How of presentation and slide design. Watch as we pull the curtain back on subliminal drivers you never knew existed. Riveting slides are on deck in February.
  • March is all about DELIVERY – When you prepare for a speech or give a presentation, how much time do you spend developing content versus practicing and rehearsing your delivery? If you’re like most presenters, content gets the heavy lifting. Here’s a WOW for you: Did you know that HOW YOU SAY YOUR MESSAGE IS THREE TIMES MORE IMPORTANT than what you say? Unbelievable, right? Now that you’re armed with this vital statistic, in March we will provide you secrets from famous actors, the best orators in the world and techniques that executives pay big bucks for. Undeniable confidence and powerful influence are waiting in the wings. Learn how to bring them center stage in March.
  • April is the month for REHEARSAL – We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect. Really? What if you practice the wrong thing or deploy a strategy incorrectly over and over? Success doesn’t just happen, it is properly rehearsed. Poor practice makes pitiful sense, then. In April, learn how to practice, how to rehearse, and expose your brain to the latest in neuroscience. The best is yet to come… be sure you command the stage and crush it with these proven rehearsal and feedback strategies in April.

Most training companies can train you.

Moxie Institute empowers you.

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