“To keep things in baseball terms, Fia is the anchor in the lineup. Fia let the team load the bases and then hit the grand slam home run that brought us all around to score. Having Fia here with us to provide the boot camp, rehearsal sessions and coaching right up to being on stage was the perfect finishing touch, tying together all the virtual and independent work we had done.
Once the audience was released, many people approached me to comment on how much they enjoyed the talk. That continued the rest of the night though the social and dinner engagement. One person commented on how awfully boring the morning had been and that my talk was the shot of energy they all needed. Mission accomplished! After working with the Moxie team, I have a new appreciation for the effort and skill required to develop and deliver a message with true and meaningful impact to the audience. I entered this three week evolution not even knowing what message of value I could possibly offer to the audience. I exited with something deeply profound to me that I was able to share with the audience in a way that resonated for them. Thank you to you and your team for this speaking journey. I have gained a whole new level of appreciation for what goes into preparing to speak in public. This has been a tremendous learning experience for me both in technique and in personal perspective. These skills will last a lifetime.”

Why Choose MOXiE

At Moxie, we teach leaders the art and science of authentic performance.

Our expert coaches and trainers empower executives, global organizations, thought leaders, and TED speakers to command the stage, crush their keynotes, and bring stories to life. Our team excels at driving speaker transformation from TED stages to the C-suites of Fortune 500 firms.

Our background is diverse. So is our approach.

  • Our acting experience made us experts in stage presence
  • Our work in higher education made our workshops models of adult learning, based in the latest research in psychology, neuroscience, and performance studies
  • Our years of executive speechwriting taught us all the tricks of the trade
  • Our creative acumen lets us design relatable and visually compelling slide decks

Each line we write, each slide we design, and every minute of training are is entirely tailored to the strengths and opportunities of you and your team. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… and your audience will feel the same.