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Amy Yang – General Manager at Coca Cola

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Amy was introduced to Moxie Institute via a high-stakes presentation that she would be delivering to a large audience of C-level executives at an upcoming Proctor and Gamble conference. As a seasoned professional, she knew the stakes were high and was determined to improve her public speaking and executive presence. For Amy, not having English as her first language stirred up feelings of fear and anxiety that prevented her from showing up as her best self when presenting. Beyond the stage, an area of focus was to improve overall communication skills for greater authority and impact.


Moxie Institute created a personalized program to focus on Amy’s goals and weaknesses and through virtual one-on-one coaching addressed her areas of greatest concern. Through a multi-phase plan that spanned over the course of two months, we worked on strengthening key areas that would have the greatest impact on her presentation delivery and communication style. The goal was to authentically connect with diverse audiences on a deeper emotional and intellectual level.

Amy’s content didn’t reflect her business acumen, personal story (her WHY), and her decades of experience. In addition, her slides were riddled with bullet points that made the presentation feel less like a personal journey that she was sharing and more like a run-of-the-mill PowerPoint.

Part of Amy’s courses included day-of-event outfit choice, spot coaching, and stage performance directing to boost confidence and quell any residual nervousness.


With the guidance of multiple trainers, multimedia designers and writers, Amy was successful at transforming her storytelling, public speaking, and had less feelings of fear surrounding the event. She successfully delivered her high-stakes presentation to rave reviews from the P&G stakeholders. This transformational moment led to new contracts and a higher level of respect from her colleagues. She successfully developed a powerful presentation style and speaker persona that included dynamic stories and effective audience engagement tactics rather than a show-and-tell PowerPoint presentation.

Amy’s speech was so impassioned that audience members formed a line to meet with her after her talk and this trend continues for her when speaking. Her message remains confident, clear, concise, and most of all inspiring.

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