The crowd is on their feet.  The video of your talk just went viral....

This is the reaction desired by all aspiring TED speakers.  Their message has been heard, their story has been told and it has changed people's lives. The sad part is the vast majority of speakers never get that feeling, never get to tell their stories and never get to help change the world.

They are lost at the starting blocks. Stuck, never to move forward in pursuit of their dreams and passions.

If only these amazing humans had a guide to help them on their journey to the TED stage, a Sherpa who knew the way, the process, and the experience to share so that their incredible stories are told and lives are changed.

Top 3 reasons why people don't get on the TED stage

Haven't formulated a big idea

Most speakers have a feeling they belong on stage but have not formulated a clear and concise idea, message, and speech.....Yet!

Don't know how to apply

Even if a speaker has their idea clearly defined the application process can be daunting and confusing.

Fear of public speaking

This is the number one reason why 90 percent of speakers never fulfill their dreams of getting on stage and rocking an audience.

Moxie Institute has had the honor of working with numerous TED speakers and has developed a simple process to take the fear, angst, and confusion out of getting on the TEDx stage.


Formulate Your Big Idea

Work with one of our TED speech writers to clearly define your big idea and create all the messaging around your idea.


Nail Your Applications

Need guidance on what events to apply to and creating stellar applications? Let our TEDx writer/coaches show you the way. 


Speak & Write Like TED

Learn at your own pace or work with our experienced coaches and writers to create a persuasive speech and become a confident public speaker.

Customer Stories

Tererai Trent - Founder & Pres. of Tererai Trent International

“Truly a magical experience to have you for my TED talk. You rocked my world! Thank you for being who you are and for the work you do! I truly appreciate the nuggets you bring to speakers’ greatness. And, as a storyteller, I am so thankful for the pearls of wisdom.”

Lex Gillette - Paralympic Medalist

“I had the privilege of working with Moxie on my speech for TEDx San Diego. As a speaker coach, Moxie doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. They went to great lengths to help me bring my thoughts and ideas to life. Moxie helped me achieve my lifelong goal. I’m still buzzing from the magical event and the moment of speaking on stage. Thank you!”

Janine Driver - CEO of Body Language Institute

“Moxie rocked my world. They helped me get very clear on what my idea worth spreading truly is. Moxie asked me questions such as, ‘How will the world be changed in some small way if people implement my idea?’ And ‘What’s at stake if we don’t do this?’ Yup, this time my seatbelt is buckled as I start this amazing race. I’m soooo happy to have a plan and a system to do this right this time.”

Begin Your Journey to the Stage Today

Help when you need it.  Everything from starting your research, developing your big idea, applying to events to writing and rehearsing your talk.  We are here to help no matter where you are in your journey to the TED stage.

ted Talk Starter

Learn how to speak and write like TED at your own pace with our online programs & resources.

$ 498

  • Moxie: Talk Like TED Online Program
  • Power: Write Like TED Online Program 
  • Ultimate TED Guide
  • List of TEDx Events
  • TEDx Resource Library
ted Talk Starter + Coaching

Want to super charge your TED talk?  Power up our online program with a Speaker/Writing Coach.

$ 2,498

  • 5 Hours of Speaker / Speech Writing Coaching
  • Talk & Write Like TED Online Program
  • Links to recorded Sessions
  • Pre & Post Assessment
  • Ultimate Ted Guide
  • List of TEDx Events
  • TEDx Resource Library

Want to Get More Out of Moxie?

Supercharge your speech with 1:1 Speaker Coaching & Speechwriting Services

When it’s just you on stage, the audience’s focus is exclusively on you. Many speakers find one-on-one speaker coaching to be the most effective means of mastering TED-style speaking techniques.  

Even a polished public speaker can loose an audience if they don't have an engaging TED-style speech.  Most speakers don't have a speech writing degree so they lean on experienced TED speechwriters to help them.

Talk with one of our consultants to build the perfect coaching plan for you.

Moxie Institute TEDx'ers on Stage


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