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Learn how to present with purpose and speak with clarity and conviction. Also learn the mindsets, skill sets and tools to inform, influence and persuade virtually.

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Conduct Inspiring And Engaging Virtual Meetings.

Create A Virtual Personality That Is Respected

Let’s face it. Most virtual meetings consist of multi-tasking, half-focus, and even boredom. Not yours! With guidance from Moxie Institute’s Emmy Award-winning experts, you’ll be commanding remote meetings, radiating on-camera energy, and connecting with your audience like they’re in the room.

  • Lead Effective Virtual Meetings

  • Present information effectively in virtual team meetings

  • Deliver powerful presentations with confidence

  • Present with purpose and speak with clarity and conviction

  • Understand and apply virtual non-verbal communication skills

  • Represent your company and culture virtually

  • Engage A Distracted Virtual Audience

  • Improve employee morale, and team effectiveness virtually

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Be In Command Of Your Virtual Audience.

Master Body Language, Eye Contact, Vocal Control And Virtual Presence

Your platform might be virtual, but your audience is real. Having the skills to engage with audiences both in person and virtually is what will set speakers apart. Moxie Institute can help you build those skills to feel just as comfortable and impactful on camera as you do on stage. It’s evident that the way we consume information is shifting and the more compelling your live streaming talks, presentations, tutorials or launches, the more audiences will seek you out for more. Our experienced team of coaches has the techniques and tips you need to master on-camera body language, eye contact, vocal control, and all-around virtual presence.

  • Learn How To Set Up Your Virtual Environment

  • Learn How To Communicate Authentically Screen-To-Screen

  • Learn The Do’s and Don’ts Of Virtual Communication

  • Get Live Hands-On Exercises For An Array or Virtual Situations

  • Learn Virtual Body Language From Posture To Gesticulation

  • Learn How To Deliver Interesting And Relevant Content

  • Learn How To Engage A Distracted Virtual Audience

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Diversity Specialist, Google Inc.

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Trusted By The World’s Best

Moxie Institute is comprised of trainers, writers, award-winning actors, musicians, designers, and entrepreneurs, many of whom boast the highest awards in their fields. At the helm is Fia Fasbinder, who has endured some of the most boring presentations, dry meetings and stale speeches in the world. And, guess what? She knows how to fix it and has been crushing that goal for nearly two decades.

The Moxie Institute’s methodology was born, perfected, and has been the launchpad of actionable training for communication excellence from boardrooms to keynote stages across all industries. Trusted by the world’s best, with customers in all 50 states and dozens of industries, The Moxie Institute boasts a rap sheet of success stories with Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and everything in between.