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World on Pause? Press Play on Staff Development

Want to know one of the most powerful factors that contribute to a business’ success? Consistency. And not just consistency in your product or service. But throughout the entire organization from the CEO to the receptionist. A report by Demand Metric found that 90% of business leaders said consistency was important but only 10% felt they were doing it—it’s a golden opportunity for your business to stand out. Take Apple as an example. They had revolutionary products. But imagine if Steve Jobs spoke like an awkward teenager and the marketing copied the corporate-feel of Microsoft. Or if the Apple stores […]

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Why Communication Skills are Critical and The Most Effective Way to Improve Your Workforce

In our current era of hyper communication, social media everything, and cyber information overload, it may come as a surprise to you that communication skills are often the weakest in the vast majority of corporations. In fact, did you know that fear of public speaking is so widespread and gripping that it has a medical name: Glossophobia? And with millennial leaders, aka The Anxious Generation, pouring into the workforce, is there any chance this will get better? Jerry Seinfeld has insightfully pointed out, “People’s number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Death is number two. Does that […]

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Why Communication Workshops are the Best Way to Spend Your Training Budget

In today’s forward-thinking business climate, you may be surprised to learn that the most under-developed and understated skills are, in fact, effective, interpersonal communication skills. And with everyone and their sister going live on social media videos, the gap between those maximizing communication soft skills and those hiding in the shadows is wider than ever before. In fact, a November 2018 LinkedIn study  ranked Oral Communication as the #1 Top Skills Shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area. Immediately following as numbers 2 and 3 respectively were Business Management and Leadership. This is a poignant example that further illustrates the […]

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Can A Public Speaking Coach Help You Bring Broadway to the Boardroom?

Practice Makes Performance. The best keynotes and TED Talks we’ve seen have been as entertaining and “sticky” as some of our favorite movies. Same for you? That’s because the most successful presenters and leaders understand that if you want to connect and convert your audience, you need to get them excited. For some companies, hiring a public speaking coach is the secret to presentation stardom. Engage, excite, stir, galvanize. Make them cry, make them laugh, make them think, make them not think—about their phones. Exciting your audience is one of the fundamentals of Moxie Methodology… and here’s why. Great presentations […]

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