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Before The Workshop

Please come to the workshop with a scenario in mind in which you will be presenting. Preferably, this scenario is an upcoming presentation opportunity. If you are not speaking in the near future, feel free to use a past scenario. You will be using this scenario to work on content, delivery, or both in your workshop.

Step 1: Peruse

Interpersonal Communication Skills Workbook

This workbook includes skills and techniques to increase your virtual executive presence and speaking effectiveness. Be progressive. Get a head start now, and return to it throughout your journey.


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Interpersonal Communication Skills

Dive in deeper with virtual communication skills in our Interpersonal Communication Skills video playlist. In these videos, Fia Fasbinder guides you through techniques that will take your next virtual talk from boring to bravo. 

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5 Insights to Be a Leader In Your Next Virtual Meeting

7 Deadly Sins of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication Tips To Exude Confidence And Authority

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7 Tips For Confident and Assertive Communication

3 ways to change your voice to be assertive

10 Assertive Strategies & Statements

Become More Assertive Using Confident Nonverbal Communication

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