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Master the Art of How to Give a TED Talk


TED Talk Coaching: Give Your Words The Chance To Change The World

Presidents and neuroscientists give them. They have been watched more than a billion times, live and online, all across the globe. They are not merely presentations — They are inspiration. They are ideas that influence more ideas. They are catalysts and they are answers to questions no one’s thought to ask. They are among the most revered keynotes in today’s world. They are TED Talks. And your words are a workshop away from joining their ranks.

Our TED Talk public speaking coaches specialize in helping you make deeper connections with today’s audiences—with results that continue long after the last applause.

It’s Not A Secret – It’s A Skill.
Learn How To Talk Like TED.

There’s a reason TED Talks go viral –thirst. Audiences today are thirsty for revolutionary ideas with motivational storytelling. Conveying ideas and messages in engaging and meaningful ways is what separates those who see success on stage and those who simply want it. You are fully capable of unleashing onstage success. Our TED talk coaching can help.

Quench Their Thirst For Inspiration With Advanced TED Coaching


Getting To That Level

We Give More So You Get Better

We specialize in speaker transformation, exposing and leveraging your personal communication strengths to help you refine your style and stage presence in a way that reflects today’s best keynoters. Inspired by TED’s best talks, this advanced-level TED Talk public speaking workshop emphasizes the development of key skills and techniques to deliver world-class speeches.

What You Get

Insider Tips: Learn best practices from actual, accomplished TED speaker coaches.

One-On-One Focus: Improve rapidly with 100% tailored and individualized coaching.

Engagement Training: Capture your audience’s attention from your first word to the final applause.

Storytelling Cornerstones: Take your audience on a unique journey of the knowledge you’ve mastered.

Stress Control: Even pros get nervous. Learn their secrets to keeping stage stress in check.

What You’ll Master

TED Rehearsal Techniques

Practice like a master, become a master. It’s all in how you rehearse.

Economy of Words

Less is more. Identify the fluff in your script and shave off what isn’t vital.

The Voice of TED

Capture the elocutionary magic of TED keynoters, with a twist that’s all your own.

Better Breathing, Better Speaking

Proper breathing techniques and posture exercises will transform your delivery.

Command of the Stage

Learn how presence and use of stage space can keep your audience hooked.

Structure for Success

Structure is one of the fundamental pillars of a TED talk. And we teach it.


How It Helps

Speaking Presence: You’ll become a master of pace, rhythm and vocal flow. On and off the stage.

Audience Connectivity: You’ll learn how to elicit powerful, lasting emotions through engaging storytelling.

Empowered Storytelling: You won’t just tell a story, you’ll tell your story. With greater impact.

Action & Influence: You’ll become adept at incorporating compelling calls-to-action in your speeches.

Communication 360: Your communication skills will improve dramatically from boardrooms to big stages.

Want To Get More Out Of MOXiE?

Try One-On-One Speaker Coaching

When it’s just you on stage, the audience’s focus is exclusively on you. When it’s just you in a workshop, so is our attention. Many trainees find one-on-one speaker coaching to be the most effective means of mastering TED-style speaking techniques, overcoming critical public speaking obstacles, and getting the most out of each session.


Train Today, TED Tomorrow

TED Talks feel familiar because they employ the same structure time and again. The structure itself evokes curiosity and empathy in viewers. But you don’t need a large audience or a lengthy history of corporate accomplishments to give a TED-worthy Talk. At The Moxie Institute, we help you learn how to capture the magic of world-famous speeches in a style that’s completely your own.


Take The First Step

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