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Live – 2 Day – Public Speaking Workshop

This in-person experience leverages the most innovative approaches in adult learning theory to create an interactive educational environment.  You will be exposed to the MOXiE Method of public speaking that has been developed through decades of training experience by Fia Fasbinder.   This will improve your ability to speak in public for the rest of your life.  We will make you a better public speaker…Guaranteed!

“It’s unlike anything you’ve ever experienced… and your audience will feel the same.” – Cy Wakeman.

About Moxie Institute Presentation Training

To speak before any audience, you need to think beyond every limitation. The Moxie Institute is here to help you demolish what you thought was the ceiling of your communication and leadership skills. Our wide range of public speaking courses are perfect for professional teams and aspiring leaders looking to elevate their skills, careers, reputations, and executive presence. We offer workshops, seminars and masterclasses for novice and advanced public speakers, and provide high-impact presentation writing, design, and professional services.

  • Small Group In-Person Instruction
  • Individual Focus and Attention
  • 2 Day Comprehensive Training
  • Extensive Workbook and Takeaway Materials
  • 6 months of Followup Learning Reinforcements
  • 10+ Downloadable Resources
  • Certificate of Completion

What You Will Learn In This Fun, Intensive 2 Day Workshop

San Diego, California

  • Master storytelling best practices
  • Communicate visually, connect emotionally
  • Strategically storyboard your ideas for audience impact
  • Simplify complex ideas through clear messaging
  • Visually guide audiences from problem to solution to action
  • Make data interesting and easily digestible
  • Win your audience and ignite action

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  • Understand and employ a visual balance
  • Reduce confusion and amplify retention
  • Recognize efficacious slides and measure influence
  • Harness professional design elements
  • Apply seamless transitions and dynamic imagery
  • Swap heavy text blocks for effective images
  • Save time, reduce stress, deliver results

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  • Exchange nervousness for confidence
  • Present with purpose
  • Speak clearly and powerfully to captivate and engage from your first word
  • Deliver presentations that ignite action and win results
  • Command the vocal spectrum to heighten your executive presence
  • Understand and apply proven non-verbal communication skills
  • Respond expertly to difficult questions and situations
  • Control stress and speaking anxiety with calming relaxation methods
  • Learn invaluable rehearsal techniques passed down by the pros
  • Turn speaking confidence into your competitive edge

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  • Rehearsal techniques for any presentation
  • Personalize content to connect with any audience
  • Physiological processes for projecting confidence
  • Speak with gravitas from here on out.
  • Refine and project a commanding executive presence

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