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MOXiE Talk Corporate Workshop

The Secrets to a TED-Worthy Talk

The Moxie Institute harnesses and teaches the same principles that turned TED into a viral sensation.

MOXiE Talk: A Workshop Worth Spreading

If making the most of a speaking opportunity is a challenge, turning it into a TED-worthy talk takes things to a whole new level. MOXIE will teach you to capture the magic of the world-famous presentation style and make it all your own. Participants will gain inside tips from an actual TEDX Speaker Coach about incorporating storytelling and effective calls-to-action that resonate and sustain an audience’s focus.


“I had the privilege of working with Fia on my speech for TEDx San Diego. As a speaker coach, Fia doesn’t settle for anything less than the best. She went to great lengths to help me bring my thoughts and ideas to life. Thank you!”
— Lex Gillette, Paralympic Medalist, World Champion and World Record Holder


Workshop Topics



Storytelling Cornerstones

Your audience is desperate to go on a journey. They’ve been down a thousand roads, but you’ll learn to take them on a guided tour of the knowledge you’ve mastered.


Economy of Words

Less is more. Identify the fluff in your remarks and shave off anything that isn’t vital.


Rehearse Like TED

Mastery is the name of the game. Learn to rehearse like a Broadway star from an NYU-trained theatrical coach. Practice is important, but practicing the right things is a game changer.


Stage Commander

Hook your audience and don’t let go until you’ve reeled ‘em in. TED speakers captivate from end-to-end and we’ll make sure you do too.


TED’s Voice

It isn’t wobbly or quaking, shaky or uncertain. The voice of TED is calm, confident, poised and passionate. Proper breathing techniques and posture exercises will transform your texture and tone.

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