This Trick Can Take You From Stage Fright to Star Power in 6 Weeks.

Want celebrity swagger? This time- tested technique adapted from our public speaking training can help. Your vision tunnels inward, especially under the spotlights. And speaking? Forget it. You're not even sure you can breathe right now. They say a fear of public speaking is the most common phobia. But speaking isn't so much the [...]

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Our 10 Favorite TED Talks to Inspire Triumphant Public Speaking

Let’s face it: speaking in public isn’t always a breeze. So take a deep breath and focus with this must-have set of fun, helpful, and innovative tips inspired by The MOXiE Institute’s ten favorite TED Talks on public speaking. 1. Show people why your ideas matter to them. First of all, before you even [...]

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3 Must Read Insider Tips from a Professional TEDx Speaker Coach to Master Public Speaking

It's that time of year again: TEDx events commenced worldwide throughout mid-October. And, after the excitement and spectacle of TEDx, many audience members think to themselves, "I should do that--can I do that?" As a TEDx speaker coach, I know what it takes to excel on the stage. But there is much more to a TEDx talk than meets the [...]

TEDx Behind Bars: What 12 Inmates Taught Me About Public Speaking and the Power of Human Connection

The day I went to prison started like most other days--well, actually, maybe not. Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility is a men's prison east of San Diego, and the closeness creates a sharp contrast between the two. The inmate acting as master of ceremonies announced to the TEDx visitors, "You are all now official members [...]

3 Tips from the Top TED Talk Tips to Run Your Most Successful Team Meeting Yet

You call a meeting--everyone groans and trudges to the conference room, already absorbed in their smart phones. Wouldn't a creative and engaging meeting be a nice change? Will that happen? Probably not--poor communication runs rampant in meetings. But a talented communicator can fix all of the pitfalls of the typical meeting. A Harvard Business [...]

Dream of Being on TED? Here’s How.

"How can I get a chance to talk at TED?" It's no wonder that everyone wants to speak on TED's stage--doing so automatically establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. Because TED wants ideas worth sharing, the chance of your talk going viral makes it the modern equivalent of the printing press. Social [...]

3 Tips from Top TED Speakers to Get to the Heart of Your Message

Did you know that 62 percent of adults celebrate Valentine's Day? There are plenty of suggestions for entrepreneurs who want to have a fancy, romantic night out. There are even options available for people looking to send their exes glitter or dead roses. You could even try to be your own Valentine. Public speakers can [...]

Troubleshooting TED: Avoid These Public Speaking Mistakes

There's no shortage of public speaking lessons to learn from TEDx Talks. Whether its general communication lessons gleaned from observing TEDx speakers or analysis of the presentation skills in a presenter's TED Talk, TEDx is a gold mine of information for speakers and audiences alike. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of stage snafus witnessed by [...]

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