Public Speaking Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills - Ultimate Guide

Public Speaking Tips to Improve Your Presentation Skills – Ultimate Guide

Chapter 1: How to Prepare for a Presentation   Chapter 2: How To Start A Speech With A Great Introduction   Chapter 3: How To Create Meaningful Content In Your Presentation   Chapter 4: Visual Aids: Utilizing Visuals to Engage Your Audience   Chapter 5: Mastering Body Language   Chapter 6: How To End Your Speech With Authority   No matter where you’re at in your career or what industry you work in, you will always benefit from developing public speaking and presentation skills. We created this ultimate guide as your pathway to becoming a powerful and confident speaker. It will […]

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Presentation Skills Training 101: Put a Ring On It! How to Engage Your Audience

Phase 1: You’ve prepared your speech. You’ve nailed the introduction. Your content is relevant and compelling. Phase 2: Now, you must continue your presentation skills training bootcamp and learn how to make all of this great content actually fun and enjoyable for your audience! See, the greatest supplement to a powerful presentation, is, well, a powerful presentation that engages your audience. Guy Kawasaki of Apple suggests the “10-20-30” rule to avoid the “Death By Powerpoint” fatality: No more than 10 slides: The slides are meant to be a supplement to the presentation, not the presentation itself. They should essentially be […]

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What Should I Know? And How Do I Do It? Thoughtful Presentation Tips

Well, quite frankly, there is a LOT that you should know about becoming a great public speaker. We have plenty of presentation skills training and talented coaches at Moxie Institute who can guide you through this process but for the purposes of this article, we’ve curated some of our fundamental presentation tips to get you started! Prepare Like You’re Going to The Grammys If you were going to be the MC at the 2020 Grammys, you probably would take your presentation skills training very seriously. Why? Because there’s going to be a lot of important people and a lot of […]

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executive delivering presentation in business meeting

Is Presentation Skills Training for Me?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Delivering great presentations and speaking with authority is a key business tool for virtually anyone whose career involves human interaction but especially those who are leaders in their profession. It may be as significant as volunteering to be the host for your company’s annual conference or as routine as directing client inquiries and questions to the appropriate personnel. Regardless of your field, communication skills will always be necessary in order to effectively present your content. If you are in a position where you are constantly presenting in front of clients, colleagues and customers, presentation skills training […]

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Sir Winston Churchill Had Stage Fright

Winston Churchill Had Stage Fright?

It might be one of the most fascinating, universal threads that tie us all together and assures us of our humanity – glossophobia. That’s just the fancy-schmancy scientific name for the “fear of public speaking”, especially when it comes to delivering great presentations. In fact, studies show that 73% of the population are all afraid of the same thing – each other. And funny enough, Winston Churchill, one of the greatest speakers of all time, experienced it too! Public speaking gurus like Churchill weren’t natural born speakers. To be honest, that’s technically not even a thing. Even if an individual […]

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Make Each Presentation a Call to Adventure That Your Audience Can’t Wait to Take

A confident speaker steps onto the stage and gives the most persuasive presentation you’ve ever heard. Credible, informative and engaging–the crowd loves it. Where did that come from? How did they pull it off? It wasn’t just a miraculous improvisation–trust me. Actually giving your presentation is just the final step of a much longer journey. “wing it” A great speech begins with great writing. And great writing comes from a solid plan of attack. Contrary to all of the “wing it” advice you may have heard, preparation is the key to success. Read on to learn how to form your own game plan and […]

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Write like TED

Want to Give a TED Talk? First You Need to Write a TED Talk

Talking for TED is one thing but talking like TED in all of your public speaking engagements is a sure way to impress everyone–TED and TED fans alike. TED speakers are intelligent, passionate and respected. And the techniques used by TED speakers are ones you want to use for your own presentations and speeches. But the first step of giving a TED-like talk is writing it. Unfortunately, writing is harder than it seems. According to a recent Harvard Business Review study, 65 percent of participants thought the writing samples in the study were bad. However, only 16 percent of participants thought their own writing was […]

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Death, Taxes, and How to Kill Your Next Presentation

Tax season is here and tax day is upon us. Taxes are basically mind numbing, immense amounts of data that must be interpreted correctly in order to reap the benefits.  Misinterpretation or simply ignoring the data leads to fines, penalties and all sorts of painful punishment. Why are we talking about taxes?  Taxes, like the data in your presentations, have many parallels.  We have no tax tips to give you in this blog. However, we do have the answer to presenting data in a way that will help you reap all the benefits of a hefty tax return! Most […]

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How to Write A Killer Business Presentation

Once you’re ready to start to write the first draft of your presentation, believe it or not, the hardest work is behind you. “Really?” you say, “But I haven’t written the speech yet!” Of course. And that will take time. But look how far you’ve come! Now you know what you want to say and roughly how you’ll say it. All that’s left is to write the darn thing. Ready to get through the first draft? Here’s how. Write like you speak in your presentation. Before you take out your pen or start typing away, we should talk about tone. Here’s what I often see […]

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Professional Public Speaking Coach Shares 3 Pet Peeves

Is there an e-mail trend that bugs you? Are there ridiculous phrases you can’t believe people actually say in business? It’s interesting that the most commonly voiced pet peeves involve communication. And although different pet peeves can be handled in different ways (like sharing them or simply moving on), wouldn’t it be good to nip them in the bud? Plus there are things you can’t ignore–sometimes, it’s not just you. Public speaking coaches are no different–we have pet peeves of our own. The worst kind of pet peeves, in fact: the ones that absolutely must be addressed. Find out my […]

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Need to nail your next speech? There’s an app for that.

These days, there’s an app for everything. Need to manage your stress? Want to keep track of your workouts? Optimize your vocabulary? You have options. Many options. There’s even The Rock Clock that lets Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson keep you motivated during your daily tasks. Why not harness the power and flexibility of your own mobile device to boost and refine your public speaking skills? Apps won’t replace a good coach, but they will enhance everything you’ve learned. Instead of another round of Candy Crush, try one of these apps — it might help the next time you need to give a speech. VirtualSpeech This […]

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The Best Presenters Use These 3 Tricks to Ignite Your Presentation

It’s that time of year: Everyone is getting ready for school to start. Whether you’re currently a student, teacher, parent, or none of the above, going back to school conjures classroom memories for all of us. Book reports, oral presentations–some memories may be more pleasant than others. Talking to a classroom isn’t so different from running a team meeting: You’re still probably going to use a PowerPoint presentation to convey your message. But don’t just blindly dive for PowerPoint when it comes to visuals for your presentation. Learn how the pros do it and optimize your PowerPoint presentation for success. After all, you want […]

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