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Darren Toohey

“I have worked with Moxie multiple times. Leading a global sales organization it is important that my team receives the best available training and education. With Moxie we get that. The Sales Presentation Skills training provided by Moxie was outstanding and the improvement from my team from beginning to end was remarkable; So [...]

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Iacob Koch-Weser

"I've enjoyed working with Jason (Canon) because he goes well beyond basic speech coaching. His breadth of knowledge as an opera performer and academic, as well as his experience working with corporate clients, really enriched our sessions together. We are able to combine technical learning with broader discussions about how to communicate ideas [...]

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Namita Vatsa Eveloy

"The Speak with Moxie Open Enrollment was indeed a great day. Fia was awesome and it was well worth the time. Thank you to everyone at Moxie for such an enlightening experience. " Namita Vatsa Eveloy General Atomics Learn to communicate with moxie [...]

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Jong-Deuk Baek

“We were absolutely thrilled to welcome the Moxie Team to San Diego State University as part of a professional leadership development series. Fia Fasbinder captivated our graduate students as she presented the Speak and Write with Moxie Workshops. During these workshops, she shared techniques to help the students develop a commanding presence in [...]

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Emiko Andry

“"I did it! A top distributor at Herbalife said that I did amazing and so many audience members came up to me afterwards to say that they were totally inspired by my speech and felt so connected to me! I can't even count the amount of people that told me that they [...]

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Lonnie Snyder

“I gave my talk this morning to our Global Leadership Team. This is the first time I’ve ever given a talk without text or bullet points on slides and I noted that our CEO had printed the slides in color and took notes as I was talking. This was the first time [...]

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Shannon Jordan

“David was simply AMAZING. One of the best presenters on presentation skills I have seen. You could tell he was passionate about his subject and really walked his walk! The group enjoyed the experiential nature of MOXIE. I missed the opportunity to see Fia in action, but David was a hit. I can [...]

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Katie Pohlman

“Julia, my Moxie speaker coach, is a true expert, who in short period of time, empowered me with unique skills to resolve my unknown limiting habits that no book could have identified. Her constant uplifting positivity and confidence-boosting personality took my presentation skills to the next level. So grateful to have been [...]

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Scott Scheper

“You and the Moxie coaches are seriously amazing. You changed my life and many others at the Spatial conference. I still think I paced too much onstage (I'm still learning) but YOU made it great! Thank you!" Scott Scheper Co-Founder, XYO Network Learn to communicate with moxie [...]

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Stephanie Criner

"First off, THANK YOU! Amazing information, amazing presentation, and amazing fun – it says quite a bit that I looked forward to the time spent with you given that it was after work and just when the ‘evening chill’ was beginning to sink in … I wanted you to know that I [...]

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