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“Thank you for your efforts in helping take our advisors on a journey to deliver more powerful seminars. The reviews and feedback on the session are glowing. I look forward to our next training.” ABBAS HASAN Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, LPL Financial learn to communicate with moxie [...]

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“The presentation was fantastic. In short – I was a rock star. Without a doubt, the group loved it. I was approached afterwards by several audience members asking if they could apply to join my team and thanking me for sharing such important information. In short – it was super fun and a huge [...]

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"I did it! I I gave my presentation and it was a complete success! My knees did not even shake with an audience of 1,200 people! I received great feedback along with opportunities to present again. Your help with writing my presentation was critical! I want to thank you for your help [...]

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Linda Williams

"As a result of your coaching, I got three invites to future keynotes and recommendations to boards of directors as soon as I stepped offstage. I was amazed that the audience stayed into their lunchtime for Q&A. It was truly a great experience and you added tremendous value to my speech! Keynoting [...]

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Elyssa Lamoureux

"Moxie, you’re amazing and we are so thankful for your team’s time and talent helping us prepare. Our speakers are so prepared, poised and polished for our conference...and we are so thankful. In fact, our CMO's sessions are so AMAZING that his sessions are literally overflowing with people sitting in the aisle! [...]

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Deketa Cobb

"I am full of excitement from the Masterclass and ready to execute on my ideas. I have found my "sweet spot" and am grateful to have been a participant. Thank you for being a game changer!" DEKETA COBB Training Specialist, Human Resources Learn to communicate with moxie [...]

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Arun Chandrun

“Thank you very much for the splendid workshop. It was immensely beneficial and an eye-opener to many aspects of communication. We didn’t realize till how important they were when delivering a customer presentation until your session. We will now use the concept of different personality traits and how to use them to [...]

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Edwin Lewis, Creative Producer, Netflix

“I can’t thank you enough for leading workshops with us. The sessions were super helpful and really timely and the team is already asking for the next round of training. Can’t wait to have you back!” EDWIN LEWIS Creative Producer, Netflix LEARN TO SPEAK WITH MOXIE [...]

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ELIZABETH BARAT – Succession Planning Manager, City of San Diego

“Moxie’s trainer David Waggoner was amazing! We loved him. So many people wrote on the evaluations that it was their favorite presentation of the Academy series. I have only the highest compliments for him. Fantastic job yesterday. Thank you for a job well done!! He delivered the content in his own way that [...]

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PASCALE DANG – Decorator and Designer

“I spent a wonderful hour reading your Moxie Techniques. I will strongly recommend SPEAK WITH MOXIE to colleagues, friends and family. Totally engaging and inspiring. Congratulations on your success, Fia. What a true gift you have to share and teach human potential!” PASCALE DANG Decorator and Designer learn to speak with moxie [...]

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