About Toni

Dr. Toni is an enthusiastic corporate trainer and holistic leadership coach who brings over 15 years of experience generating transformative possibilities for both individuals and organizations. Toni offers an innovative approach in her storytelling workshops and presentation coaching that powerfully encourages emotional connections and relevancy to a speaker’s content.  Toni is a university professor teaching in areas of communication, emotional intelligence, personal leadership, and cultural awareness. Additionally, Dr. Toni is in demand as a contracted national and international facilitator of trainings in conflict resolution, DISC communication style assessment, mediation, and bystander assertiveness.

The list of her clients includes nonprofits like San Diego Zoo Global and the American Civil Liberties Union, multi-national corporations like Kyocera International and BASF, and universities including Stanford and UC San Diego. Her personal philosophy on facilitating and coaching centers on aiding others in finding their true authentic voice while fostering a path for positive and lasting change. Your success is what lights her fire!

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