About Lisa

Lisa is a Speech Pathologist with 23 years’ experience in her profession. She is passionate about communication and has worked in a range of educational, clinical and corporate settings. Her approach to executive coaching is a combination of multi-modal speech therapy tools and techniques, combined with her personal experience both in 1:1 and group training settings. Her aim is to maximize an individual’s unique speech and voice skills by initiating a customized approach in the areas of public speaking, assertiveness training and business development.

She provides a professional, powerful and encouraging environment to those who train with her. Verbal, non-verbal and written language skills are among her principal areas of practice. In addition to her executive coaching, she provides clinical supervision to Speech Pathology college students. She also runs focus groups that explore “The Power of Active Listening at Work”; as well as the impact of “E.Q and I.Q” on work effectiveness. This quote accurately mirrors her work outlook: “Leadership is the

capacity to translate vision into reality.”


Talk is cheap. Performance is priceless.

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