About Ivanna

Ivanna is a certified executive coach and cognitive development expert in neuro-coaching. Her expertise in neuro-coaching allows her to apply a cutting-edge approach based on the principles of cognitive science and mindfulness. As a result, she can create the right conditions and mindsets for her clients to achieve transformational changes that lead to greater well-being, high performance and sustainable results. She trained with the Neuroleadership Institute to advance her brain-based coaching skills and is a certified trainer in DISC and Driving Forces. Ivanna trained in Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the University of Miami and she is currently continuing Mindfulness Teaching Certification and Mindfulness at Work Training with McLean Institute.

Ivanna spends much of her time working under the elite coaching team of Tony Robbins where she coaches senior executive leaders across the top leading industries. Originally from Venezuela, Ivanna has worked as a top sales and media executive for several Fortune 500 companies. Ivanna is a sought after subject matter expert in today’s corporate culture, mindfulness, and neuroleadership and participates in numerous panel discussions, conferences and corporate seminars. She has a strong commitment and dedication to doing social work for the Latin and US Hispanic community. Ivanna believes that everyone has something that makes them unique and special. Make it your mission to find the courage to claim your uniqueness. By doing so, you will become the greatest contribution to the world–you!

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